We just got back from Florida last week & it was AMAZING!!! I couldn't have asked for more PERFECT weather! It was 85, hot, and after 3 had a cool breeze so it wasn't too skorching hot :)
Our hotel was right by the entrance of Downtown Disney so the first day we spent exploring it & at night it was pretty romantic... no picture though!
Here we are in front of the magical castle at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
..Yes, I'm all sweaty & yucky after a long day in the sun... but I wouldn't change it!
Our trip was originally supposed to be like a second honeymoon that covered Valentine's Day, but I guess our family just loves us too much & decided to come along too! Our party went from two to EIGHT! :) It worked out good becuase Vic's family was fun and seriously... how romantic could Disneyworld get?!
There aren't many let downs there, but after this ride broke down & it took FOREVER waiting in line we expected it to be really cool & it was far from... but we got a fun picture out of it so that should count for something, right?!

One of the days we spent in Animal Kingdom & they had really good shows there. The Lion King one was probably my favorite. They had amazing singing, acrobats, dancing, and fun... a MUST for Disneyworld!... Not to mention that it was SO nice to get off of our poor worn out feet for awhile!
Tausha, Jessa, & Vic on the Safari ride.. it was cool how many wild animals they have there!
This is supposed to be like Indiana Jones, but I'd have to say that Indiana Jones beats it by mile, but here is a picture of 7 of us in the 2 front rows
I can't even remember where this was... animal Kingdom still?! It was fun, but
I wish we had a before & after of everyone! Everyone got SOAKED! Lucky me is the only one that only got half their body wet! :) I have to say that it secretly made my day better, Haha!
My absolute favorite show is Fantasmic. I think it is so great in Disneyland, but so much better seen in Disneyworld because there is an entire stadium just for this show!
I guess I was tired of taking pictures by the last day because unfortunately I don't have any of one of the best! We had such a fun pool area at our hotel and it felt so good to relax, read, & lay around the pool... my feet THANKED me!
We started the day off as a group in Hollywood studios, but then we parted at lunch time. Vic and I went to "France" in Epcot center & ate at a lovely restaurant.. the best part was that I got my favorite soup.. Lobster bisque... it is always to die for in nice restaurants! Here I am in the "streets of France"
We spent the most time on the pier of Italy, but I didn't get a pic :( It was one of those moments that you were taking in the moment so much that you didn't think to take a picture! It was perfect time of day, weather was great, & we had the italian pier mostly to our self for the hour we were there with italian slushies & ice cream in hand :) ...We had a mid-afternoon snacks & break in "Japan"... it was so totally fun to run around & be silly with Vic in all of the countries.

We planned on going to a romantic seafood restaurant for dinner, but then we decided that we really need to experience the famous "Planet Hollywood". It was a fun atmosphere with well presented fun foods... take a look at my drink & appetizer!