4 Year Anniversary

Vic and I have been married 4 years now! Our first year of marriage was so special so it is crazy to realize that every year has just gotten better and better! Our trip was actually a couple of weeks ago before my Grandpa passed, but I still wanted to make sure and share our joy! Vic planned a trip to Costa Rica, but with him having no job... Boise sounded like a good replacement. He did great booking the hotel and planning the trip by himself.

Here we are by the Boise river. I wish upon wish that we had something like that here in Twin!
This picture we took at sunset so it's a little dark, but I still really like it.

Vic started the trip off with the BEST dinner we've had in a LONG time: 
I'd say this is a must experience for everyone. My only regret is that I didn't starve all day for it! Plus I fell in LOVE with the Filet Mignon, I've never even been a fan before this trip, and then I saw this post on their site saying it is only for a limited time.... WAH :(

I've been dying to go the beach so leave it to Vic to find me a beach in Idaho! We went to Sandy Beach by Lucky Point. It was a cute man made beach with a giant fountain in the middle of the lake. Tommy loved experimenting with the feel of the sand between his fingers.

Both times Vic has planned a trip, he's booked the "Themed Suites" Last time he picked Egypt & Romeo & Juliet, this year..... Romeo & Juliet! Haha, at least it was a different place so it was still a different fun experience, especially trying to sneak our baby in :)

We also went to Roaring Springs Water Park. Tommy loved having his own little fountain to play with.
This ride was by far the best, it made me scream EVERY time!

This is Vic going on it, but let's take a close up look of this picture....
This is the BEST
part about the  ride! ...
HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Look at that absolute look of terror!
The next day we went to Boise's botanical garden. It was great to try out our new BOB outback stroller. (Totally worth the money). Plus I got to practice taking flower shots with my camera which is always a plus for me :)

I couldn't resist a phot shot of Tommy.
That concluded our little anniversary getaway :)
Then started one of the longest weeks of my life. It was very stressful, but my Grandpa's funeral was very uplifting and everything a funeral should be, remembering what a great guy he was.
We couldn't resist a matchy matchy family picture.
Me, Katie, Ben, and Mom

We saw a lot of family in one week cuz as they say you only see some people at weddings and funerals and well, we had both in one week. (Thank goodness on opposite sides of the family.)
Here is Vic's neice Tausha & her bridesmaids outside the temple. She was so beautifully in love :)

And to save the best for last... I got to meet my newest niece, Evie. SO precious and tiny :)

Also, Tommy started waving yesterday, cutest thing in the world.
He grins and gets so excited every time :)