Spring Golfing

Last weekend we went up to Boise & did the usual, lots of shopping & a round of golf... except this time golfing was a bit more breezy than last time! It started off a perfect day, then it started to sprinkle, but I was still good until we finished the first nine & went into the club for a quick bite to eat... that's when I realized how cold it had gotten! Vic was having so much fun that we finished all 18, but I was more of a driver than a golfer... but here is my good news: I improved on the first nine holes by 34 strokes!!! I went on this course last time with Katie (my sis) and yes, we were being a little silly, but still, not 34 strokes worth! Golfing is a lot more fun when it's not a "swing & a miss" every other time! haha!


Hosting HeidiLou

This last weekend I got to have one of my very best friends come visit & it was so much fun! Miss Heidi & her husband Will came up from Preston. If you don't know Heidi, you have to know that she is one of those friends that you search your whole life for. Conversation is always 100% easy, she's 100% unselfish, and every time you get done hanging out with her you feel good about yourself plus you get plenty of laughs in. (Will's a big help on that part :)
One of their better features is that... they are easily impressed with my hosting skills :) Heidi had to have a picture of my dessert Friday night so here we are!

We taught them how to play pinochle & got them addicted... YAY! I am excited to have another couple we can play way too many rounds with!!! We did however make it out to the park to play some badmitton & show off our mad skills! However, Will showed us all in ping pong later!

We went to visit the "Twin Falls" in Twin Falls & I was very disappointed to find out that there aren't really twin falls here! A really long time ago there was a flood that created another fall to the right of these rocks & that is what they named it after. BOOoo!

Saturday night, Will was impressed with my stuffed manicotti shells & got picture happy. We had fun acting out an "action shot", but as you can tell, Vic was not amused... he was way more into eating his cheese bread... which REMINDS me... I bought asparagus for this dinner & totally forgot to make it... PLUS, I went in our guest bathroom today only to realize that I had only one towel in there & I don't even know if it was clean. SORRY Heidi & Will! You'd think I would have thought of giving my guests fresh towels!!!! I promise I'll have clean ones out next time!


Relief Society Dinner

For Relief Society this last week they asked me to decorate a table. I didn't know what I was going to do, but luckily I already had bamboo plates & placemats so I didn't have to do too much! It turned out much cuter than I planned!


New Job!!!

Yipee!!! I am getting a payraise!!! Here are the best parts:
*Steady hours (salary pay)
*Increase in pay
*Only ONE mile from my house!... I totally plan on biking & walking to work!
*Only 2 hygienists for 2 doctors... hopefully this means not being permanently behind!

I am EXCITED! I am sad to leave my current doctor & crew as they are so sweet & have been so good to me, but..... money is money, right?! Wouldn't you want $1200-$2,000 more a month?!?! PLUS... I already know one of the hygienists that works there & my in-laws know both doctors & say they are great!