My latest project

I made a family album for Victor's family reunion. I interviewed every member of his family & put pictures of their current families & found out where their ancestors came from along with some old pictures. The album ended up being 30 pages long. Here are a few of the pages.



Vic had inventory this last weekend & had to work late Friday & all day Saturday so I had a sleepover with 2 of my neices that I've been promising to have over. Friday we had pizza, ice cream, & watched a movie with popcorn. Saturday, we went shopping & I bought them matching shirts & did "twin" hair, then we went to the park & took pictures. They LOVED it!


Found a house!!!

We are still blown away by how fast it all happened! I am SO tickled pink with our buy! I am the type of person that needs to look at 20-30 houses before I can decide which one to buy. We drove all over town a couple of months ago & only viewed this one as it is such a pretty house. It was $40,000 out of our price range so I just dreamed about it, but didn't think much of it. Well, we were totally planning on renting since all of our down payment went into our last house that we haven't sold. Anyway, I just felt this strong urge to go look at that house again so I drove by it Monday night & just HAD to look up & see if they'd reduced it any... and well, it was just barely dropped down to $60,000 less than what it was listed for originally so we called the realtor immediately only to find out it had 6 offers on it already. We put a full price offer in & apparently we were the only one that had that & no contingencies so they picked our offer! We feel so blessed and excited! Here is a picture of our new home in ONE month!