Life Update

This summer has flown by way too fast. I felt it was stressful having Vic looking for a job & then traveling every day I wasn't working so I am WELL ready for a change of pace & we are going to get one because..... Vic got a job! I am so excited because I have now officially moved to working only 2 days a week. It feels weird since I've only ever worked full time. Today was my first workday off while Vic was working. It wasn't the glorious relaxation I envisioned as Vic kept up perfectly with the laundry, garbage, & cooking the last 3 months, but as for the toilet scrubbing, bathtubs, mopping, dusting, window washing, drawer organizing, etc... well that is what I did on my first day off & I feel more exhausted than when I was working! HA, funny how life is always greener on the other side! No, I'm sure it will be great, but I just HAD to get caught up & feel like my house is perfectly clean how I like it.... and I will sleep better knowing I have nothing to clean tomorrow :) The only tough part now is that Vic was hired as Kmart's assistant manager, but they want him to train in Idaho Falls for THREE months. So, it will be hectic trying to work here two days (not in a row) and drive back & forth 2 1/2 hours a couple of times a week, plus live out of a hotel room. We'll see how it goes, but as much as I'll miss Vic, I also don't want to stress Tommy & I out trying to be together. Choices, choices! We'll just keep taking life week at a time & see where it leads us!
I can't have a post without a picture so here is the latest of Tommy:

I wish I had fun stuff to post, but mainly we've been sweating over cleaning up my Grandma's house.  It was a HUGE project that we could easily put another 50 hours into, but at least it is now presentable to sell.  It was probably the hardest I've ever worked on a service project!  Vic & I literally couldn't lift our arms at the end of each day. 
Last week was my birthday so we headed up to Boise to hang out with our good friends, the Hiatts.

I went shopping with Jess half the day until our feet dropped off, then had a free meal on Red Robin. Afterwards we let Tommy crawl around on the grass, but he thought their flower gardens looked more exciting.