Baby Bump, Shower, and ... a WEDDING!

Okay, I am finally starting to really show so here is my latest baby bump! Here I am a week ago at 22 1/2 weeks (5 months).

I decided to throw my brother-in-law's fiance a surprise baby shower. I figured she probably wasn't expecting one is why I decided to do it a surprise. I wanted to do a totally themed out one, but I decided that my audience wouldn't really appreciate all the time I put into it (that is half the fun when you decorate... hearing the oohs & aahs!) so I just went simple & pink. Here is the table I decorated.
Here is the close up of the wontons I made. This was my first time making them. They were simple enough with my mini muffin pan, but definitely different! I don't think I've even tried a wonton before this, I was just looking for something pink for dessert!
Here's up close of one of the vases of flowers. It was really fun to be able to just pull them out of my flower garden!....and as a DOUBLE surprise Roger decided to crash the baby shower (since all the family was gathered anyway)... and get married right after it was over! I was sure glad I pulled weeds the day before so their marriage setting could be as pretty as possible!
Jessica's best friend that was at the shower ran to the store as soon as they announced that they were getting married in 30 minutes & got a cake for them so we made them do the traditional feeding even though they wanted to be ultra casual!
All I can say is WOW, didn't think I'd ever have a wedding in my backyard! Although I'm flattered they thought it worthy enough! I love my new sister-in-law, but I can already say we have to be opposites in the party department cuz I have to decorate to the 9's for any little thing, especially my wedding!!!