May & June Update

This spring has just flown by! 
(which I'm glad for because I LOVE summer)
Kmart is the nations biggest contributor to March of Dimes so even though it rained & rained the morning of the march Vic proudly dragged us & his employees out to walk.  Our bike stroller has a rain guard so we took that, but then couldn't find the front wheel attachment so Vic had to pull them & got the arm workout of a lifetime! ...and I am completely out of shape.  I thought this was a nice little 2 mile walk, but it was FIVE miles!!! I was pooped by the end so now I'm trying to get myself back in gear.
Here's our little munchkins getting a zillion free snacks from the vendors.  All the other walkers kept commenting how jealous they were of these two all snuggled & warm in there w/ their treats.
We had the most beautiful white flowers growing by our driveway so I tried to get a picture of Whitney in front of them, but she just kept running away too quick!
Fact, this is my usual sight of my 2 kiddos. They are such wild little runners!
 For Mother's Day weekend we went to St.Louis to see Ben's fancy new house.  It was really amazing w/ a great backyard & view (our favorite). 
 I have been trying to get into a good routine with the kids which includes going to a park almost every day so we have LOTS of park pictures of these two playing together.
 I got Whitney ready for church a few weeks ago & she looked like such an angelic princess that I HAD to take a picture!  I only wish I'd taken one that showed off how stinkin' cute she was.  It was fun to have her in her cousin Kara's blessing dress & her Aunt Katie's wedding accessories. (hair bow & waste pin)
 For Father's day weekend we moved to a new house.  Pictures to come once I can see past the boxes!!! 
 Last night I did a presentation on the history & uses of lemons.  At first I wondered how I was going to talk 20 minutes on that subject, but I actually had a lot of fun with it as I did beauty treatment demos, cleaning tips, & making these beautiful little garnishes.
 Lately Tommy has been hamming it up for the camera every time I take out the camera and usually I delete it, but this kid just cracks me up with his ultra cheesy grin so I thought I'd post the one I took last night.
As for life in general it has been pretty stressful & exhausting around here trying to move by myself, fill in last minute for different dental offices, & have Vic work a million hours.  Hopefully once I get all the boxes unpacked, the garage cleaned out, & decorations in place I can stop worrying about working so much & enjoy summer!  (...and by then Vic's store's inventory, holidays, & corporate visits should be done with.)  I figure 3 more weeks of work & then our summer party will begin with our mini vacation to St.Louis!!