Tommy's 6 month update

I keep meaning to update & just haven't because life has been a little cRaZy to say the least! Let me just drop the bomb first.... Vic lost his job :(  It is oh so stressful to feel that we are not worthy of Heavenly Father's blessings & to stress about trying to find a job & be more righteous.  I do have to say that it did strengthen my faith in prayer as a couple of months ago I was praying to decide if I should keep working full time or go down to only 2 days & I kept feeling like I should work full time.  I didn't understand it at the time as I know being a mother is the most important job & we didn't need the extra money so why did I not feel good about giving up my full time status.  Now I know!  Fortunately we won't be hurt financially as my job easily pays the bills for now. :) 
Okay, now on to Tommy's 6 month update:
Tommy is adorable as ever... and crawling! I took these today & I should have done them a couple of weeks ago because it is so hard to catch him before he decides to crawl off again! Plus he's always waving his arms all over the place so I get a lot of blurry arms & crazy faces. I got tons of good ones though cuz this little guy is just HAPPY as can be!

Here is Vic's favorite 3:

A few cute close ups of his silly happy smile

My personal favorite:
 One of his silly crazy grin!

Last, but not least, TOMMY CRAWLING!!!!