Thanksgiving Feast

We started the day nice & early by first moving out of the hotel Vic's been living in for 2 1/2 months & then going to Idaho Fall's "Feed the Hungry" run. It was 1 degree! Here is me, Katie, & Nele (our Belgian friend) before the race.. oh ya, & the turkey!
And here we are about 6 minutes into the "race"... freezing our face off & trying to figure out how to cover up more! I was hoping to get the giant snow drifts & ice covered path in the picture, but this is what you get when you take the picture yourself! haha!
And here is our group, all smiles after the race & some hot chocolate. Everyone did a 5K, but Evan our step brother did his first 10K and Mark, our step-dad did the 1 mile walk with the turkey... You gotta love the turkey runner! haha!
In a circle from the turkey is: me, Katie, stepdad, Amber(stepsis), Nele(friend), Evan(stepbro), & Mom
After the race & Tommy's nap we went to my Dad's house for Thanksgiving lunch/feast. Vic was tickled pink cuz Lana made his banana cream pie that he thinks he needs every holiday. After dinner Tommy entertained them with his drum skills & scooter skills :)
Then we went back to Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner/feast #2! Here is the table all decked out before dinner.
And here is a close up of our cutel little turkeys at everyone's setting:
Katie invented her own pie this year, s'more. It was super rich & tasked just like one, but with the layer of chocolate we had a hard time digging into it! Vic took a picture of us both trying to break it up!

We were all supposed to do a pie so I did a carmel apple cream one that was SUPER delicious. It tasted like you were eating a carmel apple! It was a new recipe I saw in a magazine & will definitely make again. Katie's smore pie,.... and mom's.... um Cheesecake factory pie! haha. We told her we only wanted a picture of the homemade pies, but she wanted to be included in the picture. This way we'll remember she didn't make pumpkin pie like she was supposed to! haha! Not really, I just like to tease her cuz everyone thought someone else was doing the pumpkin pie so we didn't end up eating one this year. :)
It was a super busy day, but so fun.... topped off with a wintry 3 1/2 hour drive home on the bad roads cuz Vic had to work at 5am for Black Friday! ....which I always love that day cuz I got all my shopping done & most of it wrapped :) I can't wait to finish getting all the Christmas stuff out tomorrow.


I Love SNOW!

I LOVE snow! Vic and I always have to go out & play in the first snowfall, but this year it was an added bonus to get Tommy out of the house & introduce him to snow :)

We haven't bought any sleds yet so we pulled out our water tube & pulled him around in that. He thought it was pretty fun & the faster Vic went the more he smiled so Vic started spinning him in circles from the rope until Tommy went flying & rolling out. Then he wasn't so happy about being pulled around! haha! I was video recording everything & stopped right before the spill. Boo, why do I have to miss those moments on camera?!

When Vic got bored with that he decided to make a giant snowman right out our kitchen window so we'll have a big guy to stare at us while we eat. Here he is:

Vic thought he was so cute he wanted to build one for the neighbors to see so we went up front to put one by our front door. Here is Tommy. He had a ball crawling up & down the front pathway!

Well, after Vic got one built he wanted to build a whole family of snowmen so here we all are by our snowman. Click on the family picture so you can see that mine is holding a little adorable baby girl snowman! This was such a fun day, probably made even more fun cuz Vic is finally home for a few days!!!


Another BABY!

Yup, we are having a baby GIRL!!!

We are so excited! It has been so hard to hold it in. We didn't want to tell people until we knew that our dear baby had a heart beat so we had to wait for Vic to get insurance & now I'm far enough along that we found out she is healthy & a girl at the same time. It was an exciting day for us! I am especially excited that I finally get to go crazy on girl glam stuff :) Vic thinks I'll break the bank, but I'll just have to learn how to make stuff on my own! The due date is April 14, 2011