March Update

We have had lots of record high temperatures here in Indiana this month so we've mostly been playing & working out in the yard all month.  The 80's is usually my favorite temperature, but Vic & I are not used to the humidity & we are dying. Hopefully summer isn't too hot or we might just melt away!

At the beginning of March we went to a little discovery center & they had a fun toddler room for Whitney & Tommy to play in.  Here is Tommy digging up some dinosaur bones.
 He of course wasn't interested in anything else once he found the train table.
 I was in charge of my first playgroup activity (my new calling) and we had a St. Patrick's Day party w/ a scavenger hunt to find little bags of gold & Twizzler rainbows.  We also painted rainbows. It was Tommy's first time painting. I thought he would be really messy, but he was very careful & did good so we'll have to get the paint out one these days & let him do it again. 
 Afterwards we went home & Tommy had a picnic with Scout, his little buddy that plays "motor boat" with us & is the only one allowed near his bed.  It's my favorite toy of his as it says things like "I looove you Tommy" and sings songs about Tommy's name.
 Here is my little squirts on St. Patrick's Day.  This picture makes me laugh because Whitney is doing her usual cry face if Tommy is too close to her while drinking a bottle & Tommy is looking mischievously  happy knowing that he is making her cry. Stinker, he is.
 She is naturally a very happy baby when  Tommy isn't pestering her.  Here she is loving the swing at the park.  I am happy to have a baby that loves the swing since Tommy won't go near one. 
 Our happiest news of the month is that my brother's family moved to St. Louis, 4.5 hours away from us.  We haven't seen any family for 4 months now so we were extra excited to go visit!  Vic & I took all the kids to the zoo while my brother & his wife went house hunting & I felt like our own group was a zoo in itself!  5 is a lot of kids when they are 1,1,2,4, & 6!
 An entire week before we went to the zoo Tommy was talking about the elephants so we had to be sure & get a picture with them.
 Tell 3 munchkins to say "cheese" & here is the smiles I get!... gets a little better with age I guess!
Don't know why, but I LOVE this picture of all 5 of them quacking at the ducks...  Maybe because my little Whitney looks so big standing there or because it is so fun to see little cousins playing so well together.