Baby Party

Okay, so I FINALLY got pictures from my mom from the party we had to announce our little baby on the way. Here is the big banner we had hanging up on the back of our house.

Then we ordered this shirt for Vic & he wore it with GREAT pride! He wouldn't even wait for anyone to read the banner... he would just thud his chest & tell people to read it the instant they got to our house! I was wearing a little mommy-to-be button that you can't really see here :)

The theme of our party was watermelon & lady bugs... I guess I should have taken a picture of our invite, they turned out pretty cute... anyway, here is what a cute decorative table I had under our banner.

On the top layer all of the lady bugs had binkys to tie in the baby theme too :)

I had a zillion watermelon dishes thanks to my mom collecting them over the years, but then I made this watermelon jell-o that the kids ate up instantly! There was a bunch of cute smaller slices, but my mom couldn't get a picture of them before they got eaten!

I had a few more creations to put up before the party, but all of the kids were so excited to come (because they knew we were renting a bouncy house) everyone came early & I didn't have time to get all of the decorations up! Oh well, it was still really fun & everyone's side dishes they brought to share were super yummy :)


805 Days later....

We sent this card out on scrapbook paper to all of our family members that couldn't make it to our party last Saturday. Check it out!

And on the inside of the card was this...

We are both SO EXCITED!!!! If you can't tell from this small picture that is our baby's 1st ultrasound picture hanging in that stork bag!

Triathalon Accomplished!

I'm getting lazy in my uploading, but here are a few pictures!
SWIM (as the race was starting)....

BIKE... (Vic entering transition the right of the cones is me pushing my bike too, look very close!)
RUN: Here is Vic's nice long stride

FINISH: 17 miles! It was a fun little mini tri :) Vic is hooked & doing the 33 mile one in August. I'd so do it with him if I could! Last weekend I did my first triathalon!!! Vic did it with me & my main goal was to finish without walking & to pass Vic on the bike part (even though I knew he'd pass me on the running!)
Anyway, I came out of the lake 7 people after Vic, but I could see him so I just kept on going... I passed him on the bike part, which was SO exciting for me! I couldn't wait to get back to the transition area and see the look on my family's face when I strolled in before him, but there is a 200 yard run from where you have to dismount you bike to wear you park it... so Vic having the same idea that I had, wanted to beat me to my fam. I got off my bike & had jello legs & he got off his bike & SPRINTED past me just in time for the transition area! My family was busy cheering him on & taking pictures watching him run away so they barely turned and saw me as I was running past them, but still shocked that I was on his heals! He of course beat me, but I accomplished my goal.... finishing without getting sore muscles & passing him at one point. It was so much fun... I HOPE that I can talk more of you into doing it with me next year! All of our triathalon fans & my aunt are determined to do it next year now that they saw Vic & I do it so I'm glad I've inspired others & can't wait to do it with them next year :)