Fall Crafts

I went to my mom's house for the weekend and my sister, Katie, and I made these sparkle pumkins. They were so easy & add such a fun sparkle to my front room! We just brushed on Elmer's glue & then covered with Martha Stewart glitter. Here is my baby pumpkin set.

...and here is the bigger pumpkin set.
Also, I've been trying to figure out my camera. I still have lots to learn. Here are some pictures I took at the park.
And here are my step-sister's twin boys (about 3 months). They are just too cute & precious! ...and definitely an arm full!


Lots of Prego Pictures!!!

FINALLY! Here I am at 31 1/2 weeks (a little over 7 months)


Fall Hikes

My favorite time of year is fall. I love the crisp smell & feel in the air and the excitement of knowing that Christmas is around the corner. My absolute favorite thing though is fall hikes. I LOVE the different colors all over the place. This weekend we went down to Utah for a mission reunion for Vic & Saturday we went on a hike by my grandma's house. It was absolutely beautiful, I wish this season could last longer! EVEN BETTER is the fact that Vic finally let me get a NEW CAMERA! I got the Nikon D90 & boy do I have a lot to learn about it. I've never had a fancy camera before :) I'm so excited it's like Christmas times 10! Here are some of the pictures we took:

Leaf covored paths are my favorite.
I think this one is cool because it's fun to see the trees at this stage when their leaves are 3 different colors at once!
This part of the hike was fun because we just came out from a bunch of dark pine trees & then suddenly the trail opened up to these bright trees!
The yellow trees were my favorite.
I should have snapped a picture of me sideways for my 7 month mark, but I didn't so I will soon!