What is your PASSION?!

What is your Passion?! Well, for your sake, I hope you could answer this question quickly. I am reading a book right now & one of the characters loves to meet people with a passion & let them talk about it. She said that it didn't matter how boring the subject was because if a person is busy talking about their passion then the happiness rolls off of them & it is contagious and it is fun to see what people get excited about. WHY DID THIS STRIKE ME SO HARD?! I thought to myself, what is my passion? What would people see my face light up about when I talk about it? ...and more importantly...
WHAT makes me HAPPY?... and why am I not spending more time doing it?!
Well, I made a big long list & I got it sorted out into 2 categories.
Things I like to do: Hiking, skiing, friend time, family time, games, cooking, scrapbooking, & nightly walks
Then these are the things that I get excited about if I could go out & do them right now:
1-Decorating (mainly for any party or holiday)
2-Romantic gestures (notes, surprises, massages, etc.)
3-Taking pictures
4-Shopping for new clothes
BUT, which one is my passion?! I've decided that I have so many things I like to do that I spend too much time trying to do them all & they all seem to drown each other out. My goal now is to spend a lot of time doing the things I love & see if any of them can turn into a passion! NOW, what I really want to hear is... WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?
And then I want to make sure & put a prego update: The prego party is OVER! The first 6 months was a breeze, then I've been tired & so sick with indigestion that I can hardly get things done despite trying to repaint my entire house (still happening). Yuck! I'm almost done with month 7 so hopefully it starts to look uphill! Plus I've doubled in size, but I don't have a picture because Vic BROKE MY CAMERA :( So hopefully I'll get a new one soon!