Snow at Last!

I kept wanting to blog on here, but I was trying to wait until Tommy & I were both finally healthy. I can't believe how long it took, but I can now say that we've both been healthy for an entire TWO days! Life is so much more positive when you can see straight! The best part about it is that we finally got snow! We haven't seen snow since Thanksgiving so I was pretty excited. We went down by the canyon to tube on the hill & look how pretty the walls were:

It was the perfect sunny day to go sledding.
Tommy was pretty tickled pink. He was so happy to be outside & I think he really loved sliding down the hill. He usually cries when his feet touch the snow, but today he insisted walking up the hill by himself and stared down at his feet the whole way. It was pretty stinkin' cute to see him waddeling up the hill... we had him bundled up in 4 pairs of pants, new bulky big shoes, & 2 hats (since we lost his!)

Later we went miniature golfing with our friends, the Heiders. I couldn't believe it was the first time that they'd taken their kids age 2 1/2 & 5! They absolutely loved it & Dillon, their 2 1/2 year old cried when we left because he wanted to keep going. Tommy was happy just to carry the glow in the dark balls around. Hopefully he loves it when he gets older too.

My cute golfers.

I really meant to get my first profile prego picture today, but forgot as we seemed to have been rushed the entire day. I can't believe I'm 33 1/2 weeks along without a picture yet! As for an update: We still haven't agreed on a name yet. I have, however, bought her lots of hats & bows :) I have now surpassed how much I weighed when I went into labor with Tommy so that is pretty depressing, especially cuz it's already hard to bend over & get around. I feel like a "fat man in a little coat" waddling around everywhere I go! I have also found that this pregnancy is way more of an emotional roller coaster than the last. I get down so easy, I guess it is all that extra girl hormone inside me! 6 1/2 more weeks... I'm getting close to counting it on one hand, that is the good part :)


SICK of sick!

I know this isn't a very uplifting post, but seriously... do you ever just get so SICK of all of the bugs flying around during the winter! Tommy & I were sick for 3 weeks at the end of November/beginning of December & then we got home from vacation & got another cold for 2 weeks. Tommy is now over his cold & back to his happy self, although his sleeping schedule is very messed up.
AND why I'm writing this is because... I am STILL sick! Well, I'm no longer the contagious yucky cold sick, but I have my first sinus infection. It is awful. It is so weird to walk into a room & know I should be smelling dinner, but don't & I can't taste a thing. I am always having to check Tommy's bum just in case he pooped cuz I have no clue cuz I can't smell! ...can't hardly hear anyone or myself, I'm always popping the Tylenol to relieve the pressure in my head....AND as another bonus I can't sleep at night because when I lay flat the pressure builds in my head. I am wishing we had a recliner so I could sleep on that. Oh yes, and add to that the misery of being 7 months awkward pregnant too!
Haha! This is such a venting post :) I just have to say I am so tired of going through a kleenex box a day, hoping for Tommy to take an extra long nap, but most of all that I keep wishing for each day to pass quickly with hope for relief in the next day. BEING SICK IS NOT LIVING, it is SURVIVING! and therefore.... I am SICK of being SICK!
So, please thank the Lord for your health tonight & enjoy that workout, playing with your kids, finishing up your projects, cleaning, etc. because all those things mean that you are healthy & well & have the energy to get off the couch!