Baby Showers

I have been showered in love!!! I've had a baby shower the last two weeks in a row & have just been absolutely spoiled. I am embarassed to say this, but often I feel very alone because I feel like I always am trying to reach out & show my love to others, but don't always feel that love in return. Having these baby showers has definitely proved me wrong. Tons of people showed up, gave me their support, love, well wishes, & were so generous with gifts. Our baby will be the best dressed little guy due to all of the love! For everyone that reads this.... THANK YOU! My mom did a shower in IF last weekend & the theme was "A Star is Born". She did a great job with the invites (I should've taken a picture now I think of it!) Then I have seen these candy buffets for a thank you box to guests so she drove over to Twin & we worked on them together. It was a lot of fun creating such a fun table. Here are the pictures:

We also had a "diaper raffle" where if people wanted to they could bring a bag of diapers & try to guess when the baby will be born. Whoever guesses closest will win a scentsy/Christmas/Mary Kay gift basket. (I'm excited to see who wins!) Anyway, my mom gave me this diaper cake for my bag of diapers (she had my step-sister, Amber make it). Isn't it SO cute?!

On Friday the 13th we went to this super fancy dinner/raffle/dance at the Canyon Crest. The lady that decorated did an amazing job. Every table had an umbrella sitting on broken glass with salt sprinkled on it. Plus every table was labeled "table 13". Then it was all decorated in black & red & every place setting had a superstitous tale or saying. It was really fun & elegant. Plus the band was good which is always a plus. The only bad part was that here I am the prego one in 3 inch heals & sore feet & had to be the one to drag Vic out on the dance floor! I swear he used to love it, but he swears he never liked it. Hmmm.... one of those fake covers while we were dating?!

I couldn't decide what to wear & Vic told me I should wear this little black dress that is really sparkly & elegant. I almost didn't because I didn't want to be overdressed, but I'm glad I did because there was tons of ladies there with their hair all fancy & wearing cocktail dresses. I've wanted to go to a party like this FOREVER! I guess we were just too cheap to pay for a dinner like this, but Vic's company paid for it :) :) Even better right?!

As for a prego update: My ribs feel like they are bruised and breaking 24/7 & now when the baby moves it hurts cuz he's so big. I used to love feeling him roll around in there. Now I just want to cry & sit with my heat pad all of the time. My lower back just throbs & I have pinched nerve on the right side that the Doc said will stay there until I have him. Because of all of this terrible discomfort I'm praying this little guy decided to come a little early!