Halloween Madness

Here's our SPOOKY ghosts!  I originally had bought a Charlie Brown & Woodstock costume, but Whitney wouldn't have anything to do with something on her head & Tommy kept saying he was going to be a ghost so I made ghost costumes.  After I put it on Tommy he said it was scary & the next day kept saying he was going to be an owl.  He kept telling everyone this & even after Halloween when a nurse asked him what he was he said he was an owl.  Silly boy.
 Tommy was really in to Halloween this year so we got plenty of it.
For once I was done with a holiday when the big day finally past!
 A week before we went to "Boo at the Zoo" where we looked at decorations, carved a pumpkin...
 ..played lots of carnival type games...

...and the kids absolute favorite was the unlimited kiddie rides.  
Whitney was pretty mad every time a ride ended.
Vic got these pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in September so we painted them for the month of October.
 We went down to watch Ben's kids for the weekend so we made sure to have Halloween fun with the cousins too!  We went to their ward's trunk-or-treat. Becky did a fun job with their car.
Tommy & Kiersten
 The next day we took the kids to the zoo where they had more trick-or-treating throughout the zoo.  It was a little bit of madness.  I was worried about the 3 youngest giving us trouble, but what made it hard was that Kara & Kiersten thought they could run off whenever they wanted!  Here I thought I was going through the hard years right now when they may actually be looming ahead!
We also went to the Children's museum (I'll post pictures later)
We made a million paper crafts this weekend & the week leading up to Halloween.  Here is my favorites.  The kids really like these.
The day before we went to another Halloween party at the church for toddlers.  Tommy wouldn't wear his costume, but he thought it was pretty fun.
Tommy was so excited to finally carve the pumpkins & as expected lost a lot of interest when he saw what was inside!
 It was freezing cold on Halloween so we had the kids in multiple layers so others didn't get the full effect of their costumes.  Everyone kept saying Whitney was a cute ballerina. Here they are coming up the walk for their first official trick-or-treat.... all business!
 They loved our house after dark when it was all lit up. They seemed oblivious to the cold.  Notice our pumpkins... we haven't done them for years so I was quite impressed with them when they were all done.  Tommy picked out the crazy eyes & smile for the face & picked out the cat design from a book.