A Day Of Smiles

It's funny that now I have a baby all of a sudden my life & updates are all about him!  I can't help it. Babies are the most adorable things on earth, and in my eyes, especially Tommy! We spend so much time smiling at each other & today was no exception! Here he is just after waking up this morning (his happiest time of day). My sister-in-law Becky made this adorable little sleep sack for him.

And here is his usual smile, a big huge open mouth silent laugh. Vic & I are so in love with it! 

Bathtime is non-stop kicking his legs like crazy. I can't decide if he thinks it is fun to splash or if he likes the squeeky noise his feet make against the foam. I feel like I need to put a towel down there so he won't bruise his heels. He loves the feel of water running over him. Every time I take a bowl of water & pour it over him he smiles in delight.

My mom bought him this cute little monkey outfit & here he is with the matching toy. I keep trying to make him hold this little blanket monkey & a fuzzy lion rattle, but he doesn't have any interest in either yet! ...mainly just trying to suck his fingers. I pull them out every time I see it & replace it with the binky, but sometimes he'll spit that right out & shove his fingers back in. Aaah! I don't want him to be like me & suck his fingers until age 8! 


A Breath Of Fresh Air

What do I love more than skittles, food, & clothes?..... ADORABLE visitors! My good friend Heather came to see me last week & it was so much fun. I've never dared to take Tommy outside yet, but Heather wanted to go on a walk since this side of the state is so much warmer so we did our first outing & it felt so good to get outside. Makes me realize what cabin fever I had! I need to get out in the fresh air even with a newborn!  We live right by the temple so we walked up to it. Here she is with her 2 cute kids.

Here's a picture I snapped. It's so pretty it looks fake!

Elli is exactly one year older than Tommy. Look how big he is compared to her!!!  
He is above the 95% line for height.

Here is Tommy snuggled up safely under my giant prego coat. Who knew I'd get so much use out of buying an extra huge coat :)

...and here is an upclose of him in his carrier.


Relief Society Dinner

I am the relief society enrichment leader & since it is Valentine's Day this month I hosted a "romantic dinner" at my house & explained all of the elements that need to be there to host a super romantic dinner for our husbands. Then we all went around & shared something our husbands have done to be romantic. I was so impressed with everyone's spouses! It was a lot of great stories & laughs, plus I must say my dinner turned out pretty good too :) Here is a shot of everyone right after dessert.

And here is the dessert. Mine was a little sloppy looking cuz after making 30 I didn't care what mine looked like.


Tommy's Blessing & Newborn Pictures

Tommy was blessed on Sunday. Here he is in his little church outfit. The tie is a little big, but it was better than the tiny one that came with the outfit. It made him look like "fat man in a little tie!"

Here is half the crew that came to support him: Our good friends the McCrackens up front, Vic's family, & not pictures was my mom & sister.

Trish made this cute french bread loaf. Isn't it so creative!