Sutherland Family Reunion

We just got back from our 2nd reunion for the year. This time it was for Victor's family. They bought land up by lava hot springs so we camped on that land. One day we went to Lava to play at the pool...

...another we had a "kid's carnival" where we had games & prizes at each booth. It was a lot of work for the sister that planned it all, but still a lot of fun :)
Afterwards we went to Bear Lake. It is so gorgeous there. On Saturday we played in a park all day.

At night Vic's dad led us in some silly songs around the campfire. The next day we played "midieval" games like sword fighting with soft things & trying to throw each other off a board. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! I got a terrible farmer's tan though!


Lucky Me!

We got all moved in on Saturday which was SO hard. I've never moved a whole house before! The reason I'm lucky is because when I moved to Twin, not a one dentist was hiring! Well, I sent my resume around everywhere anyway & Monday I got an interview to replace a hyienist that just gave her notice to retire. After I cleaned the dentist's teeth he hired me on the spot! Yay!!! I am so blessed :) It is taking forever to clean our new house & unpack everything how I want it so it will be good to have the week to do all of that not so fun stuff before I start working :) :) :) The only question I have to ask is why me?! The only logic I can think up is because my husband is so good of a person that his blessings get to spill over into my own life!