House for SALE!

As of this morning our house is officially on the market! We still have no idea of where we might be moving to, but we know the time is getting close enough that we need to start trying to sell our house so we'll be prepared to move when Vic gets an offer for a promotion :) It has been super stressful trying to make sure every room looks just perfect so I'm excited to have that done & out of the way so I can worry about the fun stuff of life! (an update to come soon)

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August Update

I finally have time to put a few things on here of what we've been so busy doing! We went with my brother's family up to the cabin & went on a little mini hike. Tommy looked so cute & tiny running down the trail.
Our destination: Kara, Ben, Evie

I LOVE this picture of 2 babies having a fruit picnic :)

Tommy usually loves the water & rides, but he just wanted to hang out on the dock.
Vic got done with training a little early & raced to join us for the last day & had to squeeze his annual waterskiing in. This is him trying to kick off one ski, he only likes it that way. I wish I had a picture of Ben, Katie, & I. We had a great time trying to kill each other on the tube the day before! I don't think the 3 of us have ever been out on the lake together so it was fun feeling like a kid again :)

Mom insisted we play in her half flat bouncy house & we told her it wasn't safe & we wouldn't let our kids play in it unless she crawled through it... we should have known how determined & stubborn she is & that she would find a way to SQUEEZE through it! here is our kids happily playing in it.

We finally made it up to Roaring Springs in Boise & Tommy loved the kiddy park area. It was the perfect day because the fair was going on & some schools have already started so it wasn't busy at all & we saw some friends there that watched our kids while Vic & I got to run around & go on the big rides together :)

Whitney was so cute in her ladybug swimsuit & matching ladybug headband! Also, I LOVE this picture because my arms look really skinny when actually they are not!

Since Vic was finally home we finally lit off our 4th of July fireworks (at the END of August).

Probably still wouldn't have remembered to do them except these 2 cute little rascals found them & couldn't wait to light them off.

Here is Tommy with his little buddy Carter. It is the first & only name Tommy has said for the last 6 months! (besides mama & dada) I had a kiddie water party with 3 of my friends & it was fun to have so many little kids running around our yard. Tommy was so sad when he was too tired to finish playing. When he woke up from his nap he ran straight out there to continue playing & cried when he realized all his friends were gone. :*(

The next day we did another water party & I took this picture because Whitney & Vic's swimsuits matched, but then I forgot to get it in the picture and Whitney looks cute so I'm posting it anyway!

Here is Vic with all of his nieces & nephews going crazy on our new water slide our friend sold/gave us. We will have tons of fun to come, but it totally trashes the yard so we will have to be selective as to how often we use it!

AND HERE IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS: This little monkey is already SITTING UP! I was really trying to keep her immobile for as long as possible, but now she is already beating Tommy on her little milestones so I am worried! My house will be complete chaos before I know it.

Tommy is so funny lately I can hardly ever get a picture of Whitney without him. Every time he sees me taking a picture of Whitney he races into the picture! Here he is knocking her over because he's trying to get close enough. Poor girl will be SO strong after Tommy constantly beating on her. He can hardly wait for her to get moving. He is constantly playing with her & wants her everywhere he is, but he is a bit rough by sitting on her, etc.