Easter Weekend

Eeeek!  Could there be a cuter image of Easter?!?

For Easter Weekend we went to St.Louis to be with my brother Ben's family.  We went to see another part of the zoo on Friday, but my camera was dead so I didn't get any pictures this time.
On Saturday we went to the Children's Museum & I knew as soon as we saw this water room that it would be Tommy's favorite.  I thought it was cute that they even had baby seats for the really little ones.
 His second favorite are was the sand, this inside one & the outside one he could climb in.
 LOVE his smile of pure joy on the train!
 I really LOVE this picture.  I can't get enough of the 5 of these cousins together!  They always have so much fun together & it's guaranteed mass chaos & giggles :)
 Here we are decorating eggs.  Tommy was really excited until he got shooed away from the dye too often so his interest didn't last as long as the girls' did. 
 Cute picture of Vic & Whitney.
 Love this picture of Tommy & Whitney's outfit... not as much her cry face when she has to sit by Tommy!!
 Tommy thought it was a joke to put eggs in the basket.  He didn't know why Kara & Kiersten were running around like mad, but he knew he wanted to chase them so he was more interested in running than hunting!!
 The 3 girls egg hunting as they should & me chasing my wild boy around trying to convince him to come find some eggs. ha :)
 Whitney was so adorable in her dress & her cautious little nature.
 She really likes her very own pink car.
 I was trying to get Tommy excited about finding more stuff so I had him open a few eggs so he could see there was yummy candy inside.  He opened one & ate the marshmallow, then opened the next one & found a dollar bill inside.  He stared at it quizzically & then shoved it in his mouth!  Haha, poor thing couldn't figure out why there would be boring paper inside an egg. 
 Our chaotic family & our spoils.
 This is my favorite memory of Easter... the crazy piles of goodies & checking out the loot!
 We ended the weekend having the kids play with their new toys & us playing Becky's new game.  Time always flies when we are with family.  It is always SO much fun!