April Update: SLC, Seattle, & Idaho Falls Visit

I feel like my head has been absolutely spinning the last month. Last month for Relief Society I organized a baby drive for the hospital. We all got together & learned how to make these adorable booties (plus another 2 baskets full!) I also made some for my sister-in-law's upcoming baby & some in bigger sizes for Tommy. They are so simple, quick, & cute. We made them to be given to every baby born in the Twin falls Hospital.

Then we had people sign up to bring stuff to donate. Each basket had at least 3 outfits, socks, pacifiers, wipes, diapers, & a receiving blanket. I guess because I am a perfectionist, it took me forever to get them all wrapped up cute in the baskets. I wanted to make sure each basket had the same amount of cute outfits, etc. Anyway, I could hardly walk through my kitchen for 2 weeks! These baskets are supposed to go the moms that come through the hospital and have absolutely nothing.

We drove down to SLC to visit my grandma. I love this lady more than any other. I look up to her in a million ways. What I love most about her is her ability to host & make everyone feel welcome & spoil them with love, games, & treats. Also, I think it is great that she respects mine & other religions so much when she doesn't go to church herself. It shows a lot of maturity & love for others when you can show admiration for the different beliefs. Here she is with little Tommy. I think they look alike. 

The next weekend my mom came here & then for Easter we drove to Seattle to visit my brother & his adorable family. Here is a picture of us getting ready to eat Easter dinner. It was of course yummy. I don't remember having twice baked potatoes before, but I loved them.

A bit blurry, but here is my egg from the egg dying. My brother was afraid we'd have too many eggs so he only let the girls dye 1 dozen.... so I only did two, one of which got covered in stickers by the girls :)

These flowers helped bring the Easter spirit. I love fresh flowers. I really should invest in buying them more often to have around the house. I always hope that Vic would just give them to me all the time, but after 4 years of marriage I guess I should figure that isn't about to happen!

Our family right before the big hunt!

Here is a sweet picture of Kara & Tommy in their Easter outfits. My brother's girls always have the most adorable dresses, hats, shoes, & matching gloves! Tommy's cute sweater came with blue pants, but looking back I guess I should have paired it with khaki pants to be snazzier.

Here are the girls doing their hunt.

Here is Tommy checking out his goods. He was very interested in his basket & the bunny sticking out the top. Also, he loves his new rattles the Easter bunny brought :)

It is always a big mess emptying out all of the eggs & baskets, but SO much fun!

...a cute picture of Tommy with his Uncle Ben & Aunt Becky (6 months prego with another girl!).

I didn't take specific 4 month pictures of Tommy, but I happened to take this right around it. I love his personalized towel that our neighbor made for him.

Vic was in Idaho Falls for business so we got to have a super short visit over there & cram in as many visits as we could!!! I started with lunch with my high school girly friends & their kids. Can you believe there are so many kids piled around us. We are getting OLD! ... but I must say I think all my girls are aging BEAUTIFULLY :)

Tommy got a new hat while waiting for Vic doing a business meeting in Pocatello. Isn't it cute?!

After lunch my mom made dinner for us & my step-sister's family. She has twin boys only 4 months older than Tommy. Here are the 3 of them smiling up at Vic. Her boys are rolling all over the place so I had to be quick to try to get this picture of them!

Next we visited my grandma Hill's house & my dad & step-mom met us over there for a quick hello. My dad LOVES grandkids, it's cute.

Then we raced home to see Vic's brother that hasn't been home for 2 years from the Navy. Here is my handsome boys on the way out the door. I love "little man" clothes for babies!

...and a final snapshot of us by the door. Tommy will stare at the camera almost every time, but if someone isn't behind it he won't smile. It's fun to see his wide eyes caught on camera though.

After all of that travel, working full time, doing spring clean up around the house & yard, & training for the triathlon next month, I am exhausted! Tommy goes to bed at 7pm every night & on Monday I just fell asleep with him & didn't wake up until 7am the next day! I wouldn't trade it though. Traveling, being with my sweet boys, playing games with family, & working out is the life for me :)