Backyard Makeover

This spring I decided to do a major makeover to our backyard. It all started with the fact that Vic promised me a gazebo with outdoor couches, but I was trying to figure out how to have that, an area to BBQ, & a table in the shade... so this is what we wound up with!
Here is an upclose shot of our wall that took a million loads of dirts, bushes, & plants. You can hardly see the bushes because my flowers are growing so well!

Here is the BEFORE PICTURE taken from the existing deck.

And here is the AFTER PICTURE
Here is how ugly & plain the back of our house looked...
...and the much improved back of the house!
I couldn't play with the backyard & not touch the front so here is the BEFORE
...and here is the AFTER picture.
And last, but not least.... I am so proud to say that the only thing I did for this garden was cut up the grass & put in the retaining wall around the outside. Vic did all of the tilling, planting, & weeding. He loves vegetable gardens & I told him it was all his. I didn't think he'd really do it & he had a late planting start, but it's growing good & I'm so proud of him!


Will and Heidi said...

Your yard and deck look AWESOME! So beautiful. Maybe you could help us with ours. It needs A LOT of help, probably more than we even want to do. GREAT JOB!

Ife and Celeste Tabakece said...

Wow! That looks really good. you've been way busy! I guess that means you are feeling pretty good with the pregnancy. Hope all is well.

Chelsi said...

Your yard looks great! Nice work :)

Madeline and Family said...

Wow that is amazing! Don't you just love gardening?! We had to totally landscape our (rented) house here but, it was worth it. Good job Victor with the vegetable garden. They really are something to be proud of (both husbands and gardens :)

Burdick Family said...

It looks awesome. Love the before and after pictures--that looks like it was a ton of work. Good to have done before the new babe comes. (:

ess said...

Wow! Great job, Nancy! =)