Tommy's 6 month update

I keep meaning to update & just haven't because life has been a little cRaZy to say the least! Let me just drop the bomb first.... Vic lost his job :(  It is oh so stressful to feel that we are not worthy of Heavenly Father's blessings & to stress about trying to find a job & be more righteous.  I do have to say that it did strengthen my faith in prayer as a couple of months ago I was praying to decide if I should keep working full time or go down to only 2 days & I kept feeling like I should work full time.  I didn't understand it at the time as I know being a mother is the most important job & we didn't need the extra money so why did I not feel good about giving up my full time status.  Now I know!  Fortunately we won't be hurt financially as my job easily pays the bills for now. :) 
Okay, now on to Tommy's 6 month update:
Tommy is adorable as ever... and crawling! I took these today & I should have done them a couple of weeks ago because it is so hard to catch him before he decides to crawl off again! Plus he's always waving his arms all over the place so I get a lot of blurry arms & crazy faces. I got tons of good ones though cuz this little guy is just HAPPY as can be!

Here is Vic's favorite 3:

A few cute close ups of his silly happy smile

My personal favorite:
 One of his silly crazy grin!

Last, but not least, TOMMY CRAWLING!!!!


Jillane said...

Tommy is growing up soooo fast!! Sorry to hear about Vic's job though :( I hope he finds something soon!

Katie Call & Natalie Burtenshaw said...

i still can't get over how much he looks like YOU!! so cute!! and i can't believe he is 6 months... doesn't it go so fast?? its amazing how slow a few month can go when your pregs.. and then how fast it goes once they are here! he couldn't be cuter nanc! hope your doing so well!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Those are nice pictures you took Nancy. Of course you have such a cute subject!

pete said...

how cute!!

Madeline and Family said...

What a great job on these pictures Nancy! He is adorable. So sorry to hear about Victor's job. He is in our prayers. Love you guys!

Mandy said...

YAY TOMMY!!! I'm SO excited. And Nancy he just keeps growing cuter and cuter ... how can that be. What a sweet little guy with big adorable eyes and such a wonderful smile.

dustemhenderson said...

Cute pictures! He has such a sweet face and little cheeks that scream "kiss me"! I love it! So, I guess I need to work on getting off your rare bloggers list (haha). Sorry to hear about Vic's job--been through that with my dad a couple of times--I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open for possibilities!