Where is baby?!

I am 40 weeks today!!! So why am I still posting? ...because I am one of those unlucky girls that get to go over EVERY time! I hate knowing people that had due dates after me & they are already holding their sweet little baby. It's so not fair!! I went to the doctor today & I've started to dilate, but doesn't want to induce me for another week. I can't imagine having to go an entire week longer. yuck. I am officially ready for the baby to come now! I finished my last day of work, did all of my errands, did all of the laundry, & cleaned the house. Now I have nothing to do, but sit & wait!! This is not the most flattering picture, but it is the only profile picture I took this pregnancy. It is a week ago at 39 weeks. I have been busy doing lots of little projects that always seem to take longer than they should! We loved this little moses basket for Tommy & used it a ton as a travel bed everywhere we went. I didn't want to spend another $50 so I decided to recover it to make it girly. Many times I thought it wasn't worth the money, but I'd already bought the fabric so I kept telling myself I had to finish! I'm happy with the results & can't wait to see a precious girl in it!
Then I figured I'd finally get around to finishing Tommy's letters. I painted these circles & put them up before he was born, but I never got around to ordering the vinyl lettering for it so here is the final project after a year!
...and now I can finally post a picture of his finished nursery. (Still no finished room for the little girl to come, maybe next year!)
I love when I see tiny little flowers on headbands for newborns so I decided to make a few of those too. Here is Tommy as my poor model :)
I made MORE bows! haha, I'm obsessed now. It is so much fun to make them! I thought these were fun because you can pick any outfit, go to the fabric store, find a bolt of fabric that matches, & only buy an inch or two for 30cents. Click HERE for the tutorial.
I was so in love with these bows that I made a bunch more & have been enjoying wearing them in my own hair!


Ben and Becky said...

because Kara and Kiersten were both born a week early, I underestimated how CRAPPY it is to get to your due date and still be pregnant. I felt pretty sorry for myself having Evie the day after she was due. Even though it was 2 am. Sonn you'll have that new little one to cuddle, and wont care what it took to get her! I wish we lived closer to each other so I'd have someone to make bows with. I've been going bow crazy lately! but I just don't have anyone else crafty around who gets it.

Shannon Dooley said...

HAHA! Poor Tommy! I did the same thing with Chandler as my model. You look sooooo good that I kinda want to hate you right now! ;) Seriously, amazing. Those bows are all so cute, Tommy's letters & room are to die for (especially love that crib) and the Moses basket turned out darling. Come on baby girl, get here already!

Kate Call said...

oh nancy.. i'm sure you are dying to get her here!!! and i can't wait to see pictures!
first of all, you look amazing! seriously, its not even fair that you look that good full term!
second, tommy's room is to die for... LOVE it..
and last.. as long as you have headbands for your little girl, you are SET :) thats the most important thing to have ready for her right when she comes out of the birth canal :)
good luck lady!!!

Burdick Family said...

I guess I was way off by saying Saturday. Maybe this Saturday? :) The picture of your belly is so cute. You have the perfect little basketball tummy. I love all the bows! I seriously need to grow my crafty bone, so I don't have to buy all of Elly's hair things. :( Tommy modeling the bows is hilarious. I'm sure Victor loved that. Haha!

Kimberly said...

I can't wait for you to have your baby! I have gone over my due date before also and it really is the pits. This little one better get her quickly or your house will be overrun with cute girl accessories! We can't wait!

Erin S said...

I'm sorry you are overdue!! But enjoy your last few days with only one child! Love the pic of Tommy with the bow in his hair!!

Will and Heidi said...

Don't hate me for saying it but I think you look beautiful in your picture! I hope you get this little girl here soon. Can't wait to meet her!