September Update

September was SUNNY and gorgeous here in Twin Falls. After living here it has become my favorite month of the year! We started it off with a fun package from "2 proud grandparents". Tommy really loved it so it gets me excited for Christmas this year with him :)

Our peach tree made a million peaches this year and Vic is crazy gung-ho about food storage so we all learned to do our first "canning"/jaring project. Tommy loves to cook so he was in heaven.
Whitney has started to reach for everything and somehow wound up with this apple, yum.

She was even desperate enough to gnaw on this beet stem... we decided to start her on rice cereal. She gave us quite the mean look when we tried to feed her & then gagged it all out. We gave up on that idea & tried again this week & she took it slightly better. Nothing like her brother that gobbled it all up at only 4 1/2 months!

Had to squeeze in one LAST pool party with the neighborhood kids.

Celebrated my birthday with my college buddies Heidi & Heather in Island Park

28 candles!

Tommy loved having little buddies around to chase around.

Vic was so excited to go fishing for his FIRST time ever that he didn't care that it was pouring freezing cold rain. He stayed out there until he caught a fish. Tommy was pretty excited to touch it when he brought it into the cabin to show us.... just a TINY little guy, haha!

The next day was a beautiful day so Tommy joined him. He pretty much just stuck his pole in the water & waved it around :)

Whitney is starting to grab at everything & be much more alert so Tommy is in hog heaven having a friend around all of the time. Every morning if he doesn't see her he searches the house for her.

They both think it is pretty great to lay in Whitney's crib and watch the mobile. I felt bad taking it away from Tommy because it has a projector for when they get older & he still really loves it so he plays in there often.

They are super cute when they have fun watching a movie & cuddling together.

Tommy always is too rough with Whitney & the tough little girl thinks it is fun!

Vic also started going back to Chicago again for more training, but this time to do paperwork at corporate. He wasn't real thrilled with that part, but he lucked out and met a bunch of district managers that all loved him and offered him jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico; St.Louis, Missouri; or Lafayette, Indiana. They all paid about the same, but it was WAY cheaper to buy a house in Indiana so..... LAFAYETTE, INDIANA HERE WE COME!


Shannon Dooley said...

Indiana huh? WOW! That's excititing! When's the big move? Your kids are so adorable. I LOVE the pic of them snuggled up on the crib together. Happy Birthday girlfriend! Can you believe how close we are to 30? Nuts! I drove by your old house the other day and was telling my Mom how fun it was taking you home everyday on the way to work. I miss the good ol days! Love ya!

MarySquare said...

Hi there -- I got your blog address from an email your husband sent our bishop here in Indiana.

My name's Mary and I'm a native of Burley, ID but have been living in Indiana for 9 years. It is a great place and I hope you'll like it here. And yes, housing can be inexpensive. Good luck in your planning and preparations for moving.