Happy Birthday Victor!

When I first met Vic he wasn't big on birthdays at all as all he ever got growing up was to pick what they had for dinner that night.  I grew up the opposite with my mom hosting the best themed parties that my friends didn't want to miss & being spoiled rotten with gifts.  Well I spoiled Vic for the first couple of years to show him just how wonderful a birthDAY can be.... and he somehow has charmed his way into a birthWEEKEND! ...with some pretty high demands, haha!  I of course would set him straight immediately, but he's been working so hard at work with long hours and then coming home and trying to still be super dad to the kids so how could I not give into his birthday demands?!
Here he is with a stack full of Atlanta Braves gifts.  He loved them all! I forgot to get a picture though.  Also, notice Tommy hasn't forgotten how wonderful it is to blow out candles so he is happily helping & had to have them lit one more time just for him.
 Vic loves his brothers & sisters like CRAZY.  Sometimes it seems a little too much, but I can't blame him cuz I'm crazy about my siblings too :)  Anyway, every year when I ask him what he wants he says he wants to see all of his nieces & nephews, brothers & sisters, (and mom & dad of course).  They now live across the nation from us, but LUCKY for this boy his sister lives in Virginia so he of course wanted to spend his birthday week with her. Here we are with her cute family. (Her husband is taking the picture)
 Vic & I went on our first real date since Tommy was born.  It is crazy that we waited this long!!! Our perfect little nieces watched the kids & put them to bed while we went on a SIX hour date!  I didn't think that would ever happen.  It was SO fun & we were both reminded why we should definitely get away more as it felt good to have a free hand to hold each other's hands and enjoy each other's company without baby talk mixed in every other sentence.  Here is Vic waiting for the show to start.
 What show you might ask?  Fiddler on the roof!!!  This is one of those plays that you can't leave without being in a better mood.  It is SO fun and energetic!

One of Vic's other birthday requests was to go skiing & snowboarding.  It was a pretty high demand seeing how it hadn't snowed anywhere & there wasn't a mountain in view.  So we found a hill that made their own snow.  It was weird to sit at the top of the ski hill and have snow all around and then look down & see fields of green!
 Vic & his nieces Alli & Izzy

 And since a vacation to his sister's, a show & skiing wasn't enough for this spoiled birthday boy we went to an inside water park afterwards!!!  Check out those wind burnt cheeks of mine!  I promise the kids were all having fun even though they all look grumpy in this picture!
 cute cousins
 Tommy LOVES water parks.  He especially loved the "frog pond" for toddlers.  Check out the JOY on this kids face... over, and over, and OVER.  He never tires of the same thing. Fact, as I'm writing this he is pointing, laughing, & making frog sounds :)
 Tommy & Aunt Kaylene
 Vic on the boogie board.  It's a pretty cool surf type ride.
 When we came home we finally had snow so we had to make sure Tommy got to see some just in case it didn't snow again!  He loved it.
 Whitney only liked it for about 1 minute and then she'd had enough.
 Vic loves teaching everything wild to Tommy so Tommy had fun throwing snow...
 ...and then eating it (as Vic taught him to do). So of course that is all he wanted to do until he froze his little face off & I made him come back inside. 
It was a great week in Virginia.  I loved that we went far enough away that Vic couldn't go into work on his days off and especially because Vic's sister really knows how to spoil her company!  


Shannon Dooley said...

Ok, I'll just come out and ask it: Will you marry me? Come on now! Seriously! That is a killer Birthday weekend! You are one awesome wifey. Happy Birthday V!

Phil said...

Happy Birthday Vic! What a fun week. You guys really know how to celebrate.

Will and Heidi said...

Hooray for birthday weekends! It's the only way to celebrate in my opinion.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Victor! We were so sad that we didn't get to see you guys before you moved. Maybe we can pay a visit there someday. Nancy I totally know what you mean about the kids growing up. It is so cute to see them growing but so sad that it is going so fast.

Madeline and Family said...

OHHHH, What a fun birthday. I could see he had a blast!