Sutherland Family Reunion

We just got back from our 2nd reunion for the year. This time it was for Victor's family. They bought land up by lava hot springs so we camped on that land. One day we went to Lava to play at the pool...

...another we had a "kid's carnival" where we had games & prizes at each booth. It was a lot of work for the sister that planned it all, but still a lot of fun :)
Afterwards we went to Bear Lake. It is so gorgeous there. On Saturday we played in a park all day.

At night Vic's dad led us in some silly songs around the campfire. The next day we played "midieval" games like sword fighting with soft things & trying to throw each other off a board. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! I got a terrible farmer's tan though!


Angie said...

You guys have been doing such fun things this summer! Sorry we didn't call- we were with T's parents, and it was so quick. we want to come again- we'll call! I gave the stuff to Jen 2 Sundays ago with all the info. Do you need her #?

Will and Heidi said...

Hi Nanc. Sounds like you have been busy this summer. I hope you're enjoying your new job! It's great to keep in touch with you. BTW, my main blog picture (that you asked about) was taken on our backpacking trip to the Sawtooths. That's where we went after staying the night with you in Filer. Take care!

Brytton Madeline Evie said...

Vic and Nancy,
The Sutherlands are a great family! I bet it is so nice to be closer to them. We just wanted to say hi and say congradulations on the move!

Kate & Jeremy said...

how great to have such fun in-laws!! and i have been wanting to go to bear lake!! jealous!! how is your job by the way???!!!