Christmas is here!

I always know when Christmas is here because I never have time to watch my shows or get on the internet. I should be sending out Christmas cards at this very moment, but I had to catch up on all my dear friends first! I love reading everyone's updates & seeing pictures.
Last week we worked every day to get all the light up on the house (I'll have to take a picture later)... and to get the tree up & every room decorated with a little Christmas cheer. Vic thinks it is his crowning moment to be able to put the star on the top of the tree so here he is!
We feel so very loved to have had our friends from England come to visit us! (Vic actually lived with Matt for a couple of months after I moved home early.) They were here from Thursday to Sunday so we took them up to Island Park in hopes of showing them what real snow is like & snowmobile. Unfortunately winter has come late this year, but we did still have a little snow to play around in. Here is their cute little family in front of the cabin/by the lake.
We wanted to get out one day so we went to go find a restaurant & found Lakeside Lodge right by our cabin! I can't believe I've been going up there for 10+ years & never tried out this hidden treasure! The view was beautiful & all of the food was SUPER yummy plus I expected the prices to be high because of the atmosphere & good portion sizes, but it was great pricing so if you are ever headed to Island Park this is a great place to stop! (It is right before Bill's Island)
Vic & I dared to go out on what looked like thin ice so we took this picture, but Janita cut off the clear ice part... oops!
Our English friends left Sunday morning & we had a busy day Sunday with friends over for dinner, then over to our neighbors to watch the Christmas devotional & then out to Vic's parents house to plan Christmas time! Then yesterday we had an ADORABLE family from the ward that I've been wanting to get to know, invite us over for FHE and the lesson was on the true meaning of Christmas. We talked about the birth of Christ and one of the things that came up is how some people think it is overcelebrated when in all reality we should be having lots of "birthday" Christmas parties to celebrate this wonderful season to remember Christ. I love celebrating Christmas & there is no better reason to throw a party! I am so grateful for this special time of year & I hope everyone has their fair share of fun & also have time to serve others as Christ served us.


Will and Heidi said...

Hey Nanc, your tree is beautiful! I really love ribbon, maybe next year I'll attempt it.

I really would love to come visit sometime, I just don't know when yet. Miss you.

Burdick Family said...

I am jealous of your Christmas tree. Ours is only decorated on the top half due to a 2-year-old in the house. (: You should stop and see us on your way home! Call me!

Mandy said...

How Fun!!! I wish I had friends from England. :) I guess I can say I have friends who've lived in England....close enough.
So glad you got up to your cabin to have some winter fun. I can't wait for my trip come Jan. I miss Island Park.