1st outings & birthday

I can't believe it has been a month since little Tommy arrived! I swear I could still spend all day just staring at him & how adorable he is. I started work this week & I hate it. I don't mind working at all, but I hate being away from my sweet baby & worrying about if he is getting as much love as if I was taking care of him. Thankfully my mom was here for the 1st week. Here he is at one month practicing his tummy time. He hates it!

I never got a picture posted of our nursery so I thought I'd finally get around to it!! Our friend's dad made the crib & my dad made the changing table & circles on the wall. Then I sewed the curtains to match the set I bought.

My little sister, Katie, is on the ISU Bengal dance team & they went to nationals this week so we drove over to see their performance before they went. Here is Tommy in his cute little ISU shirt Katie bought for him.

Vic turned 30 this week.  I wanted to do something bigger for it so I planned a weekend at Island Park with our friends & everything fell through at the last minute so I had to quickly plan a family party.  Vic loves his family so he was still happy with his party.  He loves Sizzler so he drug his entire family in. It was a fun night of food & games.  This was Tommy's 2nd outing & he did great!


Burdick Family said...

You came to Pocatello and didn't call me?!?! I am dying to see your little man! He has changed so much already in just a month. That stinks that you are back at work so soon! That was nice of your mom to come and take care of Tommy for you.

Jenn said...

so fun! He's changing so much! Maternity leave goes by waaay too quick! It will get better but it's definitely going to take time and you have to get someone watching him that you trust completely. Have fun and good luck w/work!

Ben and Becky said...

that changing table turned out really nice. Great job on the curtains too. It's hard to let someone else watch your baby. I'm sure you'll make up for the time when you're home with him at night.

Shannon said...

That crib is to die for! How gorgeous. & what a handsome little guy Tommy is. I love all the pix you've posted of him. So sweet! & you look absolutely stunning. Xo.

McKenzie said...

He's cute!! Sorry you're back at work so soon. You look great, by the way!

Will and Heidi said...

happy 30th Victor! Your nursery looks so cute, although I wouldn't expect anything less from you guys!! :) I'm still waiting to get to see you guys again and meet Mr. Tommy.