A Very Merry Christmas

We stayed home for Christmas again & I love having our own little Christmas. It's so nice to not have to haul our presents all over :) We stayed in Twin on Christmas & then got to go to SLC the day after. I'll have to post pictures of that later since I broke my camera cord. :( We were running behind for Christmas lunch so Vic only let us take one family picture & luckily it ended up turning out pretty good!

I don't have many pictures of Tommy & us, but I sure love this one with Vic. Both look so charming in their red sweaters :)

Then I decided to set up my own little photo shoot with Tommy for his 1st Christmas.

He's so good at having his eyes wide open!

And here he is in his "1st Christmas" stocking. He barely fit in there with his wide little chest.

He wouldn't hold up his head very good, but he looked so handsome & grown up in this cute white shirt.

I hope you all had a MERRY Christmas!! Love ya!


Mandy said...

Nancy I just love your new little addition. Tommy is SO beautiful!!! You did great with your own little photo shop. LOVE the one with the big Christmas bulbs. Tommy has such gorgeous skin tone.
You look fantastic too!!! I seriously can't even tell you just had a baby.

Will and Heidi said...

cute pictures of your little Christmas family! where did you get gigangic christmas ball ornaments that you used in the photos? Merry Christmas!

Burdick Family said...

Love the pictures! Those will make the best scrapbook pages! Tommy is seriously so adorable. That little Santa outfit is sooo cute. Glad you had a very Merry Christmas, and that you were feeling up to going to Salt Lake.

Jamie said...

Hi Nancy! I'm excited to meet you and Tommy today. I've missed placed your number but, I wanted to call and touch base with you today before your session. Give me a call when you get a chance. Otherwise, see you at 2:00. :o)

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miraclefortegan said...

awww! How fun! You look so great! Have fun w/your little one, it will fly by I promise!

miraclefortegan said...

this is Jenn by the way ;)

Tyson and Alli said...

How fun to have your baby around for Christmas! He sure is cute!

Peterson Family said...

Tommy is a sweetie. I lOVE the picture of his feet!

Tammy said...

Hi Nancy, What a sweet little baby you have. I think he looks so much like you. I'm glad things went well and I hope we'll see your whole cute family someday in person. You're always welcome in Bennington!

Madeline and Family said...

It was so nice to see you guys over Christmas. Your little boy is so beautiful. I wish I wasn't sick when I saw him because I really wanted to hold him. By the way, you looked so good Nancy, I wouldn't have guessed that you just had a baby.