4th of July

Here's a little snap shot of our 4th of July. Of course I had to make fun treats & decorations! I just think it makes the party that much more fun. Last year we did a bouncy house party, but I think this one topped that. We had water relay games, water gladiator games, & pool fun plus lots of good food. Then to end the night we had some HUGE fireworks. The kids went nuts & my biggest compliment was when I overheard: my niece's fiance saying that my spread should be on the front cover of Homemakers magazine & the kids saying in excitement that we have the coolest, funnest house ever :)

I thought it would be fun to make fruit arrangements, but I didn't think they would turn out this cute & fun. They were so easy, but gorgeous & festive.

This picture is up above too,but it's so cute I had to make it bigger. Tommy & his cousin sporting their 4th of July outfits. This is Tommy's second outfit as I forgot I bought a different one! We lit off a couple of sparklers the night before & Tommy loved it, but when we did it on the 4th he was absolutely terrified of them so we had to take him in. Hopefully he learns his mama's love of fireworks.

Here is the last half of the water relay. I knew it'd be fun, but the kids just had a hayday with it :)


Ben and Becky said...

looks like a fun time. Did you use a cookie cutter to do the pineapple? looks like an idea I might have to poach in the future. I wish we could have been there, my poor kids have been cooped up in the house the last few weeks since school got out! I gotta let them do some fun stuff this next week, cause they're gonna be stuck here even more once the baby comes.

Shannon Dooley said...

How fun Nanc! I wish I had half of your creativity! That little Tommy just gets cuter & cuter. I agree, your spread should be in a magazine & so should your little guy. I just want to kiss his cheeks. Glad you had a fantastic holiday. Love ya!

Mandy said...

You are such an entertainer I love it!! I just wish I were closer to partake of it. Hee, hee. What child wouldn't love Aunt Nancy kick butt party idea's and what adult wouldn't devour all those delicious goodies.
Glad you had a wonderful holiday.

Will and Heidi said...

Fancy Nancy! that would be fun to celebrate with you. How about next year? Cute pictures of Tommy!

Burdick Family said...

Oh! I can't believe little Tommy is crawling! 6 months! That is really early! He is so adorable. I love the festive 4th of July treats. Glad you guys had a fun holiday. You need to bring Tommy for a pool party at my house sometime!