Island Park

We are so lucky that my parents have such a gorgeous cabin on the lake to go to; it is the perfect vacation getaway. This year was the double the fun since we didn't go on the water while I was prego last year. Here is a picture of Tommy's first jet ski ride!
I was surprised that Tommy was okay with the cold lake water, he wanted to walk pretty deep in it.
This little tube is a mommy/baby double tube & was an afterthought on the way there, but Tommy sure loved it.
Tommy & "Daddy"
Tommy & my mom hanging out in the kitchen.
My mom wanted this pictures taken as evidence that she attempted to get up on waterskis! 
She did do great ont he tube though :)
I love this cute smile, I wish it showed his little tooth popping through.
Tommy loves to stand, here he is living life on the edge (literally!)
On the way to Island Park we stopped to have lunch with Heather, my college buddy, and here is Tommy with her adorable 2 kids. They loved Tommy, I love how kids love babies.
My niece went through the temple for the first time yesterday & while we were waiting for her to come out I snapped a picture of the flowers along the side of the temple. They are so bright & beautiful, I wished my flowers looked this good!


Will and Heidi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and some beautiful weather! Cute pictures with Heather's kids, too.

Shannon Dooley said...

Looks like a blast! That mommy/baby floatie is so cool! I've never seen one before.

Mandy said...

How fun Nanc. I remember going to your cabin one summer. What a blast!! Tommy has grown SO much. I love his adorable mohawk. What a stud. You are lookin good .... your arms are totally toned ... pic of you and tommy in the double floaty. :)