Tommy's 10 Month Pictures

I bought this cute little outfit for Tommy's 9 month pictures & fully planned on taking him into the studio, but now I don't need to! I really love the ones we got of him tonight. It was sort of rushed & done in only 15 minutes, but they turned out pretty stinkin' cute. 

This one turned out so fun & bright :)
I know I'm biased, but ...CUTE right?!

This little guy is the happiest baby ever & I wanted to capture that :)

This one isn't as posy, but I thought it was cute to capture him enjoying himself in the grass.

He had a lot of fun waving this leaf around, it was one of those I more needed a video of.

He didn't really smile in this one, but I love how he's almost standing on his own & that I didn't have to change a thing about coloring or brightness, just came out perfect. Wish I got more of those!
This one was really dark & I had to lighten it a lot so it's poor quality, but I love his expression.


Shannon Dooley said...

What a photogenic little guy! ADORABLE! I actually think the coloring in the last one looks great. And that outfit is to die for!

Ben and Becky said...

cute Tommy! He's such a sweetie!

Mandy said...

I can't believe how fast he's hasn't been that long since I've last seen you?! He is truly a beautiful kiddo ... can tell in his facial expressions that he really is a happy little Mr.

Sweet photos. I like them all even that last one...I actually love the color in it. Give him a squeeze for me.

Burdick Family said...

Oh! What a handsome little man! He looks like he is just going to take off walking any minute. I LOVE his sweet little smile!

Will and Heidi said...

He is very cute and I love the outfits! Miss you guys! We need to get together sometime

Madeline and Family said...

Cute Pics! He is darling. We had so much fun with you guys in IF. We hope to catch up again soon!