Here is our CUTE little bumblebee! I love kid Halloween costumes. It was so fun having him wear it the last couple of days, I hate to have to put it away & never see it on him again. I took this side picture so you could see the wings.

Here he is standing up (with help!) This is how he prefers to walk everywhere right now. He took his first steps last week & now gets really excited whenever he takes a few steps by himself :)

Cute little shy smile

I helped my good friends kids make these cupcakes for their Halloween party.

...and I spent a couple days helping her decorate her garage. Here is Vic & Tommy at the party. It was really fun with a spook alley, pumpkin carving, & lots of yummy food.

Here they are again a little earlier before it got dark.

This is the next day at the ward party. Vic is a killer doctor if you can't tell what he is supposed to be!!

Here is Tommy and I on our front porch. I wanted it to be fun for the trick or treaters this year. Tommy LOVED answering the door. He tried to crawl away with every kid that came to the door & whenever I lowered my treat plate for the kids to pick their bubbles, teeth, spiders, etc. Tommy would grab some for him too!

Here is the porch without the flash (looks a little spookier!) Plus if you can see, there was a little strobe light right by me & every time a kid walked up spooky sounds would come out. Tommy loved that too, but it did scare one little 3 year old so I felt bad for that! Holidays are so much more fun with kids! I can't wait for next year that Tommy will actually be able to run around!

Oh ya, I have to tell a quick story about the 2 year old chicken that made my night. I asked her what she wanted & she silently stuck out her bag so I put some bubbles in it. I wasn't expecting her to talk & she then stared at me & said "bubbles" clear as day so I gave her another one. Then she said "spider"- gave her that, then "candy" SO she got all three.  That little chicken came out good. HAHA! If only every kid was that stinkin' cute!


Ben and Becky said...

Tommy is such a cute little bee! I wish we could see him walking. sounds like a fun halloween, and cute cupcakes too. It's always fun doing those things. I wish people around here would have celebrated halloween yesterday, then we could have today to relax and recover. Good job decorating, Kara says it looks spooky.

Will and Heidi said...

Wow you guys look great in your costumes! Very cute.

Shannon Dooley said...

I cannot get over how big Tommy has gotten! Sheesh! & your hair has been doing some major growing, jk. Fun pictures! You are the cutest little front porch decorator. Glad your Halloween was spooktacular. Love ya!

Kimberly said...

We loved having Tommy toddle over to 'visit' us on Sunday. He's adorable!

Holly said...

Love your monster cupcakes and the cute costumes! Looks like a fun Halloween! ;)

Burdick Family said...

What a cute little bumblebee! Love the witch costume, too. Looks like you guys had a fun halloween. I wished we lived closer so we could party together!

Madeline and Family said...

What cute costumes and cute decorations! You guys made one hot witch and one hot doctor (and the bee made the finishing touch). Glad to see you guys had such a great Halloween!

Mandy said...

Nancy you are such a fun mom. I love reading about the things you and your family do. Tommy is such a sweet, adorable bumble bee. I just can't believe he's near walking already! Oh how I wish we lived closer.

bmills said...

can't believe you didn't tell me when I talked to you two days ago about it!