Chicago Trip Part 2


I thought the camping exhibit was super cute, especially this tiny little canoe.

They had a really fun digging site with rubber dirt.

Tommy was in love with these big trucks. Every time he goes anywhere with big tonka trucks he LOVES playing with them, but we are mean parents & have yet to buy him one!

It's funny how some things that people say in passing stick in your mind forever. My brother was talking about his kids a year ago & saying how disgusting & animal like they are because they climb, pee, & poo on anything & eat like savages. It is funny because I can hear his words resonating through my head all the time when I see scenes like below. These kids were going nuts crawling & jumping all over this car. Tommy didn't know what to think of all of the "animals" at the zoo! (It was a zoo this night cuz it is their only free night of the week!)

We tried our hardest to see as many exhibits as we could, but the museum was too big & was really busy. Tommy had a ball though & that's what matters :)


Afterwards we walked out to the Navy Pier. It was such a fun place & would probably be one of my favorite date night places to go if we ever lived there. The sunset was beautiful....

....The carnival rides were totally fun and good carnival food is always a treat! (I go crazy over funnel cake w/ strawberries & cool whip!)

I was glad Whitney met the height requirement so we could all go on the ferris wheel together :)

We were glad we bought the package deal cuz Tommy wanted to go on this carousel over & over. It was his first time. Also, since we had extras I went on the swings that fly out and around. It made me feel like a kid again & giggle with excitement. Me & this other guy were laughing cuz he was 30 & I'm 27 & everyone else was probably 10 and under! I really felt old when I got off & couldn't even walk straight. It's funny that age does that to you! I can't even imagine how bad it'll be when I really am old. (Even if I say I feel old I still say if you are in your 20's & 30's then you are in the prime of your life!)

I'm sure I drove Vic crazy with how many pictures I took of the skyline, but it really is beautiful when you are there with all the big tall buildings! It's so hard to capture the beauty on camera.

The next day we went to a game place thinking Tommy would love more little kiddie rides & here is his reaction to the teacups:

...made us decide in a hurry to only do stuff that we thought was fun for the rest of our trip! He was done with the gameplace pretty quick, but Whitney could sit in this car so of course he had to do it if she did. It is crazy how early the sibling rivalry thing begins!

LOTS MORE TO COME later this week!!!!

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