Chicago Part 6: Zoo

Here is the FINAL post for our fantabulous trip to Chicago!!! We went to their main zoo & it was SUPER nice! Tommy's favorite animal was the dolphins dancing. It was really fun w/ loud music & tons of dolphins lined up to do one thing right after the next. They said they wanted a bigger show this year because it was their 50th year of doing it.
My favorite animal to see was the gorillas. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life & I knew they were big, but they still surprised me with how big & muscular they were when I was right in front of them.

Victor's favorite was OF COURSE the monkeys. He is so obsessed with monkeys & would get a pet one if I'd let him!!! Here he is pretty excited to enter into the South American jungle.

It was really huge with tons of trees & waterfalls. These monkeys are WAY spoiled compared to monkeys in other zoos! I have never seen such monstrous exhibits like these.

It was fun to see so many of them too.

Here is the asian exhibit as you walk in. I just couldn't get over how lush they make it all for all to enjoy.

I don't remember what this part was supposed to be, but it was right before the zoo closed & it had been a SUPER hot humid day so most people were gone & we had this area all to ourselves. I suddenly understood how if we didn't book it out of there that we might get lost/locked in the zoo for the night!

Since it was late we pretty much had the polar bear to ourself too & he was putting on quite the show for us :)

And finally to cool off we took off Tommy's shirt & let him run around in the splashpad. His face was shear joy the entire time. I wish we'd only found it sooner during the hottest part of the day! Overall, we really enjoyed this zoo. :) :) :)

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Will and Heidi said...

you did some awesome things! Were you in Chicago for business or family stuff or just for a fun vacation? Just wondering.