Summers are for barbacues!

We went to the neighbors BBQ last night and I put Whitney in this outfit for the first time & I was just tickled pink with it! Every day I am just amazed at what a little dolly she is & so fun to dress up :)
Last weekend we went to my Grandma's birthday BBQ on my dad's side. I've never been that close to them so it was really fun to get to know my cousin-in-laws a lot better. I have some really fun relatives! I wish I lived closer to get to hang out with them all more often. Here is Whitney with her Grandpa (my dad!). They look so sweet together.

Tommy loved getting spoiled & having Grandpa push him around in this car. If these things were only 5 bucks then I'd run out and get one asap. They are the smartest invention to have a long handle like that!

Here is Tommy with his first pinata. He liked it a lot better when they gave him a baseball bat to use. He is a natural baseball fan (possible infuenced by his daddy!)

Once the pinata was broken Tommy got a sucker & didn't care about the rest of the candy... he was interested in the toys though & happy to have some new bath toys :)

I helped my sister make stuff for her wedding & it was nice because Tommy was entertained by my mom's cat Yoshi. Poor thing got chased all around the house by him. I have allergies to most animals so he is never around them & thinks they are SO fascinating!

We got some free stickers in the mail so I gave them to Tommy & it is the first time he showed interest in them. He loved putting them EVERYWHERE! His favorite place to put them was Dad's hair. I should have taken a picture of the 2 of them together!

We went to our friend's house today to "swim" and Tommy was in love with their slide! He had so much fun until he was beyond exhaustion. He fell asleep before we even got him in his crib. He jumped down the stairs part & acted like it was a slide. I thought he'd cry, but he loved it.

...just look at that little daredevil's face. He gets such an adrenaline rush when he does scary things. It is so funny that they learn stuff like that so early!

Needless to say our summer has been so much FUN!


Ben and Becky said...

man, tommy is a brave kid. I would go crazy if my kids were so daring. I feel bad ben didn't grab the hat and shoes that go with the watermelon outfit. She looks adorable in it without them anyway. Her face is so expressive for such a young baby! and I think she looks so much like Vic from one angle, and then I can totally see you from another angle.

Erin S said...

Wow, I feel special that our waterslide made it onto your blog, haha! That was a fun afternoon for sure! Love that watermelon outfit, too cute!