St. Louis Trip

We went to my brother's house for a nice long weekend of playing games & hanging out.  One of the days we went to Six Flags Theme Park.  Vic was pretty excited & had Tommy watching Bugs Bunny all week so he'd be excited for the characters.  I'm pretty sure he had most the rides memorized before we even went.  I was worried he would be let down as I think Disneyworld is way cooler, but Vic had a blast!  
Here we are on the log ride.  It is funny Tommy looks so scared as all before the drop he kept trying to stand up to see what was coming he was so excited.
On the way to the park Tommy fell asleep. Vic & I had gone off to a ride by ourselves & when we came back Tommy had just woken up & Uncle Ben threw him on a ride.  He was so out of it & love that we got his confused stupor on camera!
 Vic on the train ride. It was pretty lame, but Tommy & Evie really liked it.
 I thought the kids would like the swing ride, but not one of them cracked a smile until Vic showed up to wave to them at the end.  The lady behind me couldn't believe I could handle 5 little kids by myself, but these 5 were all super well behaved so it made my job easy :)
 Tommy really liked this ride.  He is the 2nd one from the left & Evie is to his right. They both look so cute with their big smiles!
 Tommy got distracted from his fun every time he saw a roller coaster & would point & try to drag me there all day.  Sadly there wasn't any small coasters for him to ride.
 Tower drop: my absolute favorite ride out there.  It always has an amazing view at the top & then straight down rush with no sick twists or turns :)
 Close up of our faces: Becky smiling perfectly for the camera, haha!, Me LOVING it, & Vic with his "wow" face.
 Vic opted out of the river raft ride and it's a good thing he did... we all got drenched!!  Tommy got the worst of every wave flying over his head.  He was upset at first, but when I asked him if he wanted to go again he hopped right back on.
 I was surprised they let Tommy sneak on a ride he wasn't big enough for!  All of the kids were crazy about the rides. (except Whitney)
 Cute party cousins!
 We finally found time to go to the temple as well while we were down there.  
The grounds were beautiful as always.
 The main reason we went was for Evie's 2nd birthday party which I didn't get any pictures of besides Tommy playing on the slip & slide with Kara!
 As usual time flew way too fast & I wondered where the day went!  I wish that happened on Vic's long days at work, but life just isn't as fun without extended family around!

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Ben and Becky said...

I'm just now seeing this post! I think my blog list is not updating everyone's new posts for some reason :/
anyway, we had such fun with you guys here! Thanks for coming out and for all the help!!! Last night Kara was saying you are her favorite aunt but Brennon is her favorite uncle. I was glad she has gotten over thinking you are "bossy" hehe