6 Years Together

Vic & I celebrated our 6th anniversary this week.  This year had lots of time apart & changes for us so it felt like a bumpy ride for awhile.  Once I realized that if Vic could spend more time with us then he would & that he really does the best he can; often being sleep deprived to squeeze in family time &help around the house.  It has made me love him more than ever & am happy he is such a good spouse & provider.  Plus, with all the extra work & stress he's lost 20 pounds & back down to his pre-marriage weight making him fit, cute & young looking as ever!!! :)
I really wanted to be on the beach this anniversary so we decided we'd check out our local beach 2 hours north on Lake Michigan.  Since we don't have family nearby we took the kids with us.  Tommy was pretty excited about his new sand toys & carried them all the way from the car.  I'm used to having to carry him so he looked pretty big hauling his own toys!
They played really cute together int he sand.
Whenever one of us went out in the water we had to be careful as Tommy isn't afraid of chasing us past his reach!
Whitney hated the water.
She does have a love for balls though so that helped her to have fun :)  I really liked this beach because that 4 feet of rock scared away a lot of people so we had the area to ourselves. Then, in the background there was a party going on with a live band so we had seclusion + great music so it made a wonderful evening.
Poor thing had sand all over her face constantly & for a girl who likes to snack a lot, that's not very fun!
Tommy was obsessed with his new shovels & when he got cold he was happy to get buried.
This lasted for about 2 seconds with Whitney.

 This picture right here is what I want heaven to look like.  I am obsessed with beaches & this day the water & the sun were the perfect color.

 Tommy was laughing hysterically & wanted to go higher & higher until pretty late. 
 The next day we drove further north up into Michigan to have all sand beaches.  It was a really nice area, but super clogged with people. By the end of the day there was 4 rows back of people all the way down. Whitney isn't happy in this picture, but I wanted to show how unique the beach line is with the forest right next to it.

 We finally got this girl to like the water at the end so I had to snap a picture of a smile!
 I didn't get as many pictures of Tommy the 2nd day as all he did was play in the sand ALL day!
 We had a blast & we are way excited to have found such a treasure so close to home :)  
As for bad news... my wonderful camera that I carried everywhere got thrown in the pool by a naughty boy (NOT mine) this week so we'll have a whole in pictures for awhile :( 


Will and Heidi said...

I LOVE your pictures! Yes that beach one with the water and sky looking so sweet is awesome!! I'm glad you're having fun and enjoying your fun family so much!

Ben and Becky said...

fun trip! I've gotten soured on the beach since living in washington, but maybe it's time to give beaches another chance :) Whitney is so cute, even when she's not happy. Glad you guys had a fun 6th anniversary! doesn't the time just fly right by...