My HAPPY place

I'm sure everyone has a "happy place". The beach is my HAPPY place. We went this week & even in the wind I still loved it.  It's just so calming & beautiful.
I'm really hating my body right now, but I figure I need record of every pregnancy so here is a picture of my 23 week (5 month) belly.

There was no building sand castles as every time we attempted Whitney would stomp it out or Tommy would slowly sweep it away.
Whitney's face was cracking me up.  This is her "brace against the wind" face.
And since she is a cheeser she saw me taking her picture & had to smile.
I'm thinking about framing this picture.  Every walk we go on Tommy is chasing away the birds or ducks so having a picture of him doing it in my happy place is picture that really melts my heart.
Since we are on the subject of happy places. Fall hikes are my second favorite place to be.

 We all needed a pit stop & when it is fall every place is beautiful.  The kids had fun in the leaves.

 We had to cut our hiking short because it started to pour rain so to kill time before dinner we went to a candy factory.  The kids thought it was pretty great & I'm glad we don't live near one or we might be gaining some weight! (happy place #3?!) :)


Will and Heidi said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, definitely worth framing for sure. I'm glad you can find your "happy places". :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

The pictures of the kids are so cute! You must be having a "Happy" fall :)