Tommy's Potty Party!

About a month ago Tommy came up to me all stressed out saying "poop" & holding his bum.  I assumed that meant he wanted a diaper change, but nope... he wanted to go in the potty!  I didn't really encourage him for a couple of weeks because one day he was into it & the next wanted nothing to do with the potty.  I finally decided to start an old school potty chart & it worked like a charm. We put an ice cream cone at the bottom & told him he'd get an ice cream party when he filled up all of the stickers.  He loved it & often would get off the potty & do a little dance & say "party, party, party!"  He finally got the last sticker late last Friday night so we dropped everything to go do his "potty party"!
 The ice cream parlor wasn't too exciting...
 so we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese for some rides to make it feel more like a party.  
He was pretty happy with his "party".
Vic was a little deflated that a full potty chart didn't mean he was 100% potty trained.  I would say he is 90%  pee trained, but it may be awhile for the other to come so we made a much bigger potty chart this time.  I still have to remind him most of the time, but occasionally he goes without any nudging so I can't wait until that is how it is 100% of the time. We are just tickled pink he is doing it earlier than we planned so hopefully we won't have 3 kids in diapers! :)


Ben and Becky said...

yay for Tommy! That will be so nice when he's fully trained. With the girls, I remember thinking they'd never get there, and then all of a sudden they just got it, and we're going all the time. Tommy's hair looks really cute in the ice cream picture, by the way.

Will and Heidi said...

That is super exciting!!