Sutherland Thanksgiving

Vic's family did their Thanksgiving last night & since they never decorate I decided to go for it! It took a lot of time since everything I made I had to do 28 of them! The first thing I made was this centerpiece. Not near as cute as the idea off this site, but I was pleased anyway!

The next thing I did was make the hats on this plate. I filled them with Chex mix & had one on each plate. It was taking me so long that I had to recruit Vic as help & he was a great sport & did a good job! I was going to wrap the silverwear inside these napkins, but I decided to just leave the napkins & put the silver-"gold"wear out as decoration. I was excited I finally got to use my fancy gold-wear. I got it years ago & haven't had an occasion to use it yet! I also just used 12x12 scrapbook papers as the placemats.

I also decided to buy little wine glasses for everone & tie a nametag to each one. I thought they turned out pretty cute! We served homemade sparkling cider by mixing Sprite & apple juice. It was good too :)

The final thing I made was s'more pilgrim hats from I bought an extra bag of cookies & when it was time to eat them we put a cookie on top & heated it up in the microwave a few seconds... yum! The kids went crazy over them which was fun to see :)


Mandy said...

Well done Nancy. What a beautiful dinner setting. I would have LOVED eating at your house!!

Did you make those adorable calligraphy name tags?

I can't believe you made 28!!! Way to go lady. That's a lot of hard work, but it turned out FABULOUS, and I'm sure your family really appreciated it.

Will and Heidi said...

Those are way cute! You did a fabulous job.

Kate & Jeremy said...

you are a MANIAC!! that is so much work! everything turned out so so cute!! remind me next year.. i want to come to the thanksgiving you host!! great job on everything

Holly said...

Oh Nanc! Your table is amazing! How fun!! I may steal a few ideas. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!