A Day Of Smiles

It's funny that now I have a baby all of a sudden my life & updates are all about him!  I can't help it. Babies are the most adorable things on earth, and in my eyes, especially Tommy! We spend so much time smiling at each other & today was no exception! Here he is just after waking up this morning (his happiest time of day). My sister-in-law Becky made this adorable little sleep sack for him.

And here is his usual smile, a big huge open mouth silent laugh. Vic & I are so in love with it! 

Bathtime is non-stop kicking his legs like crazy. I can't decide if he thinks it is fun to splash or if he likes the squeeky noise his feet make against the foam. I feel like I need to put a towel down there so he won't bruise his heels. He loves the feel of water running over him. Every time I take a bowl of water & pour it over him he smiles in delight.

My mom bought him this cute little monkey outfit & here he is with the matching toy. I keep trying to make him hold this little blanket monkey & a fuzzy lion rattle, but he doesn't have any interest in either yet! ...mainly just trying to suck his fingers. I pull them out every time I see it & replace it with the binky, but sometimes he'll spit that right out & shove his fingers back in. Aaah! I don't want him to be like me & suck his fingers until age 8! 


Burdick Family said...

What a little sweetie! That smile is adorable.

Mandy said...

ADORABLE. Sweet, sweet little guy. Bath time was such a blast with Mar too....if he keeps it up he'll turn into a fish like Mar. Seriously, she swims just about every day in the summer time and isn't affraid of the water one bit. She also sucked not one finger but 3 starting when she was a baby. She's 4 and we still can't break the habit. DANG!! So for your sake I hope he takes to the binkie.

P.S. Will be in Twin for a couple of days starting this coming Saturday. YAY!! I will give you a call. I MUST see that baby!!!

dustemhenderson said...

He is so cute! Don't you just love being a mom Nancy? They are so lovable--I could smile at my little guy for hours too!

Angie said...

He is too cute! What a great smile-I love happy babies!!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

He is so cute! I love his big smiles. And he's probably so happy because mom was not working that day.

Shannon Dooley said...

Oh my word! That last pic is especially priceless! What a cute little guy. I am so happy to see you enjoying all that mommyhood has to offer. Isn't it the greatest?