A Breath Of Fresh Air

What do I love more than skittles, food, & clothes?..... ADORABLE visitors! My good friend Heather came to see me last week & it was so much fun. I've never dared to take Tommy outside yet, but Heather wanted to go on a walk since this side of the state is so much warmer so we did our first outing & it felt so good to get outside. Makes me realize what cabin fever I had! I need to get out in the fresh air even with a newborn!  We live right by the temple so we walked up to it. Here she is with her 2 cute kids.

Here's a picture I snapped. It's so pretty it looks fake!

Elli is exactly one year older than Tommy. Look how big he is compared to her!!!  
He is above the 95% line for height.

Here is Tommy snuggled up safely under my giant prego coat. Who knew I'd get so much use out of buying an extra huge coat :)

...and here is an upclose of him in his carrier.

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Burdick Family said...

Hah! Carter got his hair cut and he looks so much better now. I didn't realize how shaggy he looked until I saw him in these pics. (: The close up I took of Tommy is so sweet. I'm glad we got a few of him in his little carrier. Thanks again for the fun day! Oh, and I am amazed at the picture you took of the temple. It really looks professional. You should frame that one. Did you ever tell that lady Carter used the bathroom in her house. Hehehe!