Overflowing with LOVE!

Haha! I just swiped this off of Holly's blog. I just thought it was too cute not to share with others! Especially because I have been OVERFLOWING with love for my cute little family lately! I mean look at them... aren't they just SO cute! The water is really high at Shosone Falls this year so there was a ton of people everywhere. The water is just chugging over the sides and you can't even see the bottom because there is so much mist in the air! Even right now I just want to squish that silly boy's cheeks! He has been cracking us up lately because when he runs those chubby cheeks bounce all over, especially when he is pouting about something!

I have been thinking Tommy is so big lately because he is big for his age & because he is way bigger than Whitney, but when we took him to the park this week he looked so tiny next to the big kids, especially when they were calling him a baby. He was funny on the bridge. It must have been scarry to him because he would only crawl on it. I love this picture because it makes him look like a baby which oddly makes me happy. It's nice to think of him as a baby instead of the wild toddler that he is quickly growing into!

...and the other thing that I am CONSTANTLY wanting to squish is Whitney! She is just nonstop looking like the cutest little dolly ever! I couldn't decide which of these two pictures is cuter so I am posting them both!


Will and Heidi said...

cute Nancy cute! Looks like fun. Love to see the photos of the cute kiddos

Emily said...

I totally agree about the squishing thing--I want to squish my kids in a hug all the time. They just don't understand how cute they are! Your kids are adorable too--congrats on the new addition!