A pleasant day at last!

Vic has been gone for 2 weeks now & is still going to be gone for another week so you can imagine that it STRESSES me out to no end to be a single working mom! I am too tired to do anything & poor Tommy is such a Daddy's boy & has been missing his dad like crazy so today was a nice change :)
Today I did my new favorite hike again. I loved doing it once a year the last couple of years & this year I decided to buy a season pass so I didn't have the excuse of not wanting to pay. I just love that the whole way up you can look over & see THIS amazing view of Shoshone Falls! (I wish Vic was in my view today too!) While this hike has a great view, it is really STEEP! I was so happy to finally con a friend into going with me today. She has babies almost the exact same months apart as I do so we were quite the site hauling 4 babies up the hill.
Don't really love this picture of me or Tommy, but I love how pretty the river is down in the canyon. I wish our city would pay to put a walk around it like Boise & Idaho Falls has. (We just have a mile path along the edge of the canyon that makes me totally nervous to have Tommy by as it has no gate seperating the path from the edge!

Since Vic is gone I wanted to fill him in on the details of our day....

Tommy loved this little playhouse at my friend's house... I think we should definitely get one some day... sooner than too much later :)

This is Tommy's new BEST friend Ava! I have never seen him play longer with any kid without getting upset or bored. He was so in love with Miss Ava that he didn't cry for lunch so I finally just fed him at 3! ...and normally he takes a nap around noon, but he was so excited to play with Ava that he never even whimpered. When I got home at 5:30 I set him in his bed & his eyes drooped shut before I could even put the crib rail up!

He was (of course) too scarred to go down the tube slide so he was tickled pink every time Ava went down it. He would get all happy & clap for her!

Tommy kept looking at the bunny in the cage so we decided to get the bunny out to pet & Tommy didn't really care to touch it. He just wanted to sit by Ava...

...and crawl & run circles around her while she held it.

Every time Tommy goes to his cousin's house he is too afraid to jump on the trampoline & I am constantly trying to show him how fun it is to bounce so I was tickled pink to see him finally conquer his fear of it. He bounced away with Ava on there & laughed the whole time!

He was NONSTOP smiles with anything he did with her. They'd run into her room & bounce on the bed together, sit in matching mini chairs & read books at the same time, etc. Ava is only 5 months older so they are pretty much on the same wave length of what activites they like to do & Tommy would just copy everything she did & follow her everywhere. Even when he decided to check out the toy room Ava didn't want to, but she stayed in there anyway to be next to Tommy. It made me so happy to see him this happy & content!

...and I can't forget Miss Whitney! Here she is laying on the grass next to Addie. I always have the longest babies! Addie is 4 months older & Whitney has already caught up to her and if you didn't notice in the pictures Tommy is bigger than Ava too!

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Will and Heidi said...

Sorry you have to be a single working mom. It looks like you're having fun and getting outside and doing fun things. That's awesome that Tommy and Whitney have made some great friends!!