Idaho Part 1: Island Park

For our August vacation we went to Idaho for 12 packed days of extended family time & driving all over southern Idaho.  We stopped back & forth a lot, but to simplify pictures I'll just do 4 parts.  For the first part we went up to my mom's cabin in Island Park.  This was our favorite part of the trip & definitely the most relaxing. Here is everyone for our "tropical getaway" themed weekend.
We did lots of playing in the water with the jetskis which NEVER gets old!
My sister Katie & I ended up being the main designated driver & flagger for everyone.
We did a decathlon & doing a back flip off the tube was one of the events.  Here is Katie & I pulling my brother Ben.  I thought he completed his, but this picture makes it look more like a head plunge! 
 My mom made lots of yummy food for us all.  Here she is making my favorite blueberry croissant breakfast.
Tommy & Evie enjoying Katie's homemade Wendy's chocolate frosty.  I couldn't believe how much it tasted like the real thing!
Katie, Becky (my s-i-l), & I playing Bingo. I was pretty lucky & won some great prizes :) 
 We attempted to do some family pictures, but the kids weren't too thrilled about it.  Here is our best shot.

Picture taken right afterward... proof that our kids love to smile.... just have to have mom or dad behind the camera!
 Vic was pretty excited that everyone joined in his geocaching hunt.  Here is Kara helping lead the way.  
 All the kids were pretty excited for the "treasure" to be opened up & to get to choose a new toy out of it.
 Another decathlon event: rifle & pistol shooting.  I was surprised how well I did. This picture shows off my 15 week baby bump... my excuse anyway! :)
 It was no surprise Vic did great.  He's always been a really good shot.
Here's another event, seeing how far we could hit the water ball.  It was WAY harder than it looked!
I wish I had a picture of the kids playing in the sand as Tommy & Whitney spent countless hours doing that.  Tommy loved "the beach".  When we were helping him say the prayer I said "thank you for Grandma" & he quickly changed that line to "thank you for the beach!", haha, we all got a good laugh out of that :)
Like I said... favorite part of the trip!  I could easily spend a month here.  
We both agree that next time we have to do this leg last so we come home refreshed instead of felling like we need a "vacation from our vacation".

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