A Holly Jolly Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
We are far from family so I wasn't expecting a lot out of Christmas this year, but this bunch had a blast together!  It was a very fun day & when it was time for bed I was so sad that it had to be over.
 Here is Whitney & I ready to take treats to our new neighbors. Whitney had so many fun Christmas outfits to wear this year so she was a cute little elf all month long.
On Christmas Eve an elf left our Christmas pajamas on the doorstep and Tommy was really cute trying to look out in the yard to try to see the elf.
 I've been talking to Tommy about how we need to go see Santa and tell him that he wants a car for Christmas.  We lucked out on Christmas Eve and one of the light shows we went to see had a Santa there.  I hopped out of the car to get a picture with him and Tommy went bazirk telling Santa that he wanted a "choo-choo" for Christmas.  It was probably one of the cutest things he's done this year, haha!  Here you can see him shouting "choo-choo!":
 All the light shows/displays we went to were just people's houses that love going crazy on decorating.  It was fun to see that people are so nice to give up their house for a month for the community!

 Here is Tommy's favorite lights he wanted to keep seeing over & over.
 I'm sure if Whitney could speak this would be her favorite so we got our picture by the princess castle.
 We were really surprised to see how much Whitney LOVED the lights!  We drove around this park really slowly with the kids in our laps and she kept trying to pull herself out the window to see the lights. (Don't worry they went straight back to their car seats when we left!)
 Both of the kids were so hopped up with excitement after we let them open one present (besides their pj's) so Tommy was up until 11:30 and Whitney up until midnight! ...Vic's been working a million hours so he didn't make it as you can see.
 Tommy's main gift from Santa: Shake & Go track.  We didn't realize how fun this thing was until Santa had it set up in our front room!  --Don't worry Tommy got lots of trains from Santa in his stocking too, but we didn't get all the way through his stocking for a good hour or so as Tommy wanted to play with everything before he would look at something else.
 Sleepy girl and still smiling!  She loved her baby dolls & especially that light up ball she is holding although unfortunately we already can't find it.  Tommy couldn't stand her having it & us not letting him take it away from her so I have a strong feeling he may have hid it so no one could have it!
 They were the cutest little helpers for us going through our stockings.
 I meant to make a balloon pit for Tommy's birthday and it was a little too close to when we moved in so I made one for him for Christmas morning.  He LOVES it!  Whitney loves watching him play in it & holding balloons, but cries if I ever put her in there.
 Here are my 2 cute little Santa babies... pretty much impossible to get a decent picture of them together!
 Whitney's spoils
 Tommy's spoils
...according to Vic "the best Christmas present ever" (an IPOD touch)
He was like a little kid with this thing and played with it ALL day long!
 My spoils. Vic made me put the vacuum in the picture since I went out and bought it a week ago.  He felt horrible that he'd only bought me the mirror armoire & I bought him the "best gift ever", but really I have been wanting one of those ever since my sister got one years ago so I was very happy w/ my Christmas :) 
I have never had any desire to have to cook my own Christmas dinner, but I didn't have a choice this year so here is my very first Christmas ham.  I was nervous to make one since I haven't before, but Vic said it was the best he's ever had... I couldn't decide if it really was or he was just so happy with his Ipod that he said it was, haha!  I liked it and will definitely be using the recipe again!
It literally took us the entire day just to open gifts, play with them, and make dinner so we'll be doing our Christmas games & gingerbread houses in a few days when Vic has another day off!


Ben and Becky said...

Everyone looks so happy! your kids have the greatest smiles. Ben is surprised Vic loved his gift so much, I guess I know what not to get him. We missed you guys, but glad you had a great Christmas. The girls absolutely LOVED their gifts from you, by the way. Kara has been putting on her shoes and dancing to clean up her room. it's pretty cute.

Will and Heidi said...

You guys look so good! I'm glad you had a fun time. Those pictures crack me up of your kids smiling so cute. :)

Burdick Family said...

So glad you guys had a fun Christmas together! Your kids just keep getting more and more cute! One of the pictures we took of Tommy fishing at Island Park made it into Carter's scrapbook from his grandma. It was a picture I had posted on facebook and she found it and put it in his book. She thought it was Carter. Pretty funny:)

Madeline and Family said...

What a fun Christmas! It was our first Christmas away from family last year and it was a little harder than I thought. You guys pulled it off wonderfully!