Single Mom Thanksgiving

When I first got this picture back from our photographer I was sad because I loved it & Vic wasn't in it (because he'd gone back to grab our bags).  However, I LOVE it just how it is because this is how it was for 6 months from June 1 to Dec 1.  
Me and my two kiddos against the world.   
Vic Started his training in Chicago at the first of June & came home every other weekend until he moved to Indiana at the beginning of November when he stayed there for a month straight.  Needless to say I was STRESSED!  It is so hard to get the simplest tasks like grocery shopping done when I already had a kid in each arm, a diaper bag, & a heavy car seat.  Then because I was up and going all day I was too tired to exercise & turned to quick comfort foods to deal with the loneliness of it all.. and in turn being out of shape stressed me out more!  It was such a weird thing to have 2 of my favorite people with me all the time and still be lonely!  I'm not trying to share a pity story, but celebrate that the rough journey of "single working mom" is behind me!  I now have SO much compassion for single moms... if they seem on top of it or not, it's not fun.  So if you know any single moms then don't offer to babysit, INSIST on it & spoil them with love & friendship! 
 On to Thanksgiving.... My Dad went out of town for Christmas so I had time to join his extended family for Thanksgiving this year.  Here is my Grandma Hill and I.  She is the one of those sweet Grandmas that you know always love you & will give you the warmest greeting if you show up on her doorstep.  LOVE that about her :)
 More of our Thanksgiving crew.
 One of my cousins made these adorable name tags for every place setting.  It was a gorgeous festive table.
 Tommy making the charming mess he usually does at dinner!
 We did Thanksgiving with my mom a few days later since she is flexible on what day we do it.  Here we are preparing dinner.
 Katie & Whitney wearing matching outfits.  I LOVED Whitney's cute little outfit this day :)  I was happily surprised that my little sis has grown into the best helper.  It was like having Vic around to help.  It sure made my holiday weekend a lot more fun!
 My sister's new husband, Brennon is not a kid person, but he fell into Whitney's spell & now loves her to death... who couldn't with that constant cute smile?!?
 My busy "helpers" getting Thanksgiving dinner ready.
I'll sure miss being around family for Christmas!!!  
However, I'll be very happy to be with my husband for the next holiday :)

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Will and Heidi said...

I love that picture, too! You look so pretty Nancy, and the kids are very cute. Have a merry Christmas!