April Updates

April was a crazy busy month so get ready to READ (I posted 4 in a row)!
To start the month off Whitney finally began to really cruise around on her feet & with that she is obsessed with dancing!  She can hear the slightest beat & make moves to it :)
 This tree is to the side of our house & for 2 days it bloomed the most beautiful magnolias & smelled like heaven.  I thought it would be in bloom longer or I totally would have had a picnic under it.
 My current calling is playgroup so I organized an Easter egg hunt.  Tommy is still the same as last year... just wants to find one egg, open it, & eat it before moving on... which didn't work so well with 20 eager kids running around scooping up all the eggs!
 For Easter we went to St.Louis to be with my brother Ben's family (see our Easter update).  When we came back Victor's sister came from Virginia with 2 of her kids to stay their spring break with us.
 Then 2 days later my mom flew in & I threw her a surprise birthday party.  Her favorite color is yellow so I flooded the kitchen with the bright cheery color.
 I practiced Whitney's birthday cake on her!  Tommy was pretty excited to eat cake!

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

Oh THANK YOU for posting these. I haven't been able to find my flash drive since I've been home. And THANK YOU so much for the special Birthday Party in my favorite color with my favorite foods!!!